Message from the President

Barbara Weiland Mark, Ph.D.

President, International Association of Coaching

I am excited to share
some news with you!

Our Professional Ethics
Review Committee (PERC) procedures are up and running. And, I am
pleased to introduce you to Debbie Lawrence, the
newly appointed director of PERC, and Michael Sanders
the chair of the committee. (See articles below.)

In line with our mission to further the interests
of coaching clients worldwide, we have established a strong and
educational process for addressing coaching complaints. This is
a foundational piece in the goal of self-regulation in the coaching

I’m also pleased
to tell you that Barbara Lemaire is the new chair
of the membership committee and will be happy to assist you and
answer your questions about your membership. See our “contact
us” for information.

I’d like to share some thoughts with you.
When I took the office of president a short ten weeks ago, I asked
each of the members of the board to share with me what their vision
for the IAC was for the next year. I challenged myself to do the
same. Over the course of the past weeks, I have had the opportunity
to have many inspired and inspiring conversations with people both
within and outside of the organization. I appreciate the openness
of these individuals. I see great things for the organization and
for the coaching industry.

With ever increasing knowledge and technological
speed, the world is changing quickly and we are changing along with
it. Coaching is playing and will play an increasingly significant
role in our evolution as individuals and as communities both local
and global. Many of us are or will be, in the next 20 years or so,
the elders of our global tribe. As a global tribe we will have to
have learned how to open our hearts, our minds, and our souls, to
share our resources, our compassion, and our wisdom.

As coaches we must add to the larger field of
personal growth and acknowledge that we are on the forefront of
an evolutionary, indeed, revolutionary wave of human development.
We must learn and teach cooperation, forward thinking, and a commitment
to our best feelings for our own good and the good of all.

On a daily basis we are challenging our clients
to be Olympiads in their personally defined life events. We are
helping people discover the clarity, the commitment, and the drive
to do their personal best.

One of my commitments
to myself is to learn something new about myself, another person,
about the world, and about new theoretical developments everyday.
I am committed to re-evaluating my vision for IAC every 30 days.
In this way, I hope to hold the space for IAC to be constantly responsive
to the changing demands of our coaching community and of the clients
of coaches. I invite you to share your thoughts with me.

And, I invite you
to consider what your commitments are to yourself, your profession,
and your world.

Have a great week!

Warmest regards,


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