Millennials as Coaches? It’s Time.


by Ed Britton

We might think of a “coach” as a wise, old owl who is a little too creaky in the knees to play the game anymore, but has a successful career to share with the rising stars.

And the “rising stars” might be thinking they need to get their experience first.

But! Things happen fast in the 21st Century. In most areas, if you have just one year of experience you have the best experience there is! The stuff that predates it, is no longer relevant.

In today’s culture, the current reality is critical. The rising generation can have as much of that reality – and even more – than the more mature players in the game.

The speed of the information culture demands that diverse competencies be developed in parallel with each other. That means that learning to coach others as you gain experience yourself is critical to ensuring that what you have to offer is currently relevant.

Waiting to gain experience before developing coaching skills could mean that you are “past your due date” when you are ready to start coaching!

The speed of change levels the playing field.

What’s needed are coaches that begin learning and practising the art of coaching at the same time that they are developing experience and expertise in life and professional areas.

So, what is the best age to start coaching? It’s not an age – it’s a time. The time is now.


Ed Britton Ed Britton is a career and leadership coach who lives in Calgary, Canada. He also serves the IAC as the Director of Development and leads the Path to Mastery coaching triads program. Ed has a background in the physical sciences, in adult education and leadership development. After living in China for 10 years, Ed looks forward to a Canadian winter and cross country skiing! If you would like to participate in the Path to Mastery coaching triads program, please contact Ed at

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