More on the IAC Masteries Transition

FAQ Answered by Sali Taylor, IAC-CC
IAC Certifier and Chair of the Certification Committee

Last month we introduced the IAC Masteries, our new international standard of measurement for coaching excellence, and we answered questions
about their development and impact. Now we can share a few more details
about the transition timeline and how this may affect you.

are eager to transition over to the Masteries and we hope you will bear
with us during the interim period as we gradually work out all the

Have the Masteries been formally launched?

the Masteries were posted on the IAC website in November and more
formally introduced in the January Voice. You can check them out here.

When is the last date I can get certified using the 15 Proficiencies?

December 31, 2007

When can I get certified using the Masteries?

expect to have the beta test of the masteries scorecard completed in
the next few months. At that time you will be able to apply for
Masteries certification. We will make a formal announcement in the
VOICE when we are ready to start certifying using the Masteries.

Will there be a new Step 1 Exam for the Masteries?

we are in the process of developing the content for a new Step 1 exam.
In the meantime you may take the current 15 Proficiencies exam and then
choose to be certified under the either the Proficiencies or the
Masteries for Step 2 (once they are available).

What if I have already passed the Proficiencies based Step 1 Exam, can I apply for Part 2 certification using the IAC Masteries?

if you have passed Step 1 already, you may submit recordings for
certification using the new Masteries (once they are available) just as
you would have for the Proficiencies.

Will I be able to request which system I use for certification during the transition period?

During this one year transition period , if you wish to be scored under
the Proficiency system you may request that in writing when you submit
your application. Otherwise you will automatically be scored using our
new Masteries scoring system (after we make the official announcement
that we will start using them for certifying).

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