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  1. Hi Barbra,
    Thanks for asking. This is not an accident and it was the result of some debate in the IAC Board of Governors when we designed our licensing system. I’m happy to explain our reasoning as follows:
    There are currently very few IAC-CCs in the world (around 50) and so if we insist that our Licensees are IAC-CCs, the number of schools and mentors would be very limited. (Most IAC-CCs do not choose to be involved in training or mentoring.) With only a few schools, the growth in numbers of IAC-CCS would be very slow and relatively geographically limited. We wish to continue to increase the credibility, resources and influence of the IAC through building the number of IAC-CCs as a priority.
    Although IAC-CCs have obvious advantages in being able to help coaches achieve IAC certification, we cannot say they are the only ones who can do so. There are many talented, masterful coaches, trainers and mentors who are not yet IAC-CCs who can help us advance the IAC’s goals to advance high standards of coaching in the world.
    Even as we license a diversity of schools and mentors, there is no risk to the quality of our certification since it is completely independent. No one can achieve IAC certification without demonstrating a very high level of coaching mastery.
    By design, we do not vouch for the quality of our licensed schools, with IAC-CCs or otherwise, apart from the fact that they have agreed to follow our code of ethics and have an intention to use the IAC Coaching Masteries in their curriculum. However, we do specifically indicate which schools have IAC-CCs on their staff since we see this as an important distinction. We encourage our members to check carefully before investing in coach training or mentoring. (See
    As our Licensees gain more experience, we have considered publicizing data on the passing rates of their students. There are some pros and cons to doing that, but it would certainly fit more closely with our values of recognizing results rather than endorsing a process.
    We also believe it is fitting that our licensing system, like our certification system, is open to people from all backgrounds. This openness is one of the primary values of the organization and gives us more opportunity to encourage innovation.
    I really value your question, Barbra. And you are not the first one to ask this. I know we are rather unconventional in our approach. Does my answer make sense to you? Do you have any suggestions for us?
    IAC President

  2. This comment is not directed towards Deborah Williamson Coaching in particular; rather, it is a general question. Why does the IAC not require that Coaching Schools have an IAC-CC certifed coach on staff before granting a license? It seems strange to me.

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