New IAC Fees

Susan Meyer

Since its inception, the IAC has worked hard to keep our operating costs as
low as possible so that we could keep certification and membership fees affordable.
It has been eight years since fees have been increased, and, during those years,
costs have continued to rise. Although most of our work is done by volunteers
(the Executive Committee, the entire Board of Governors, the teleseminar and
webinar leaders), we do have a few (poorly) paid positions and we do incur expenses
in paying for translations, paying the Certifiers and maintaining our website,
mailing list and conferencing services. We also have employed expert assistance
in an inter-rater reliability process to ensure that our certification process
remains uniform, fair and impartial.

As we prepared the 2013 budget, it became painfully clear that we would need
to increase fees if we were going to continue to exist. This was not an easy
decision for us. Although the new numbers may look high to you, I'm hoping that
you will keep two things in mind: 1) we have increased and will continue to
increase opportunities for our members to come together in a variety of ways
and to continue to hone their skills and 2) IAC membership and certification
is still significantly less expensive than other certifications. Of course,
we also think its also both simpler and the gold standard for coaching excellence.

Here are the new fees, effective March 1, 2013:

Membership: $149, early bird $139
Step 1 online exam (now available in several languages and
regularly revised to reflect cultural nuances): $97
Scoring of certification recordings: (includes resubmission
of 1 recording if needed) $500
Review of Learning Agreement: remains $150

Licensing fees have also increased and have been provided to al licensed schools.

As a long-standing fee-paying member, I'll be digging a bit deeper in my own
pocket to support the IAC. I believe in what we're doing and I hope that you
do as well.

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