New IAC member benefit: Unlimited coaching and mentoring

Where do coaches go for coaching?

Contra Coaching is a thriving community of coaches from around the world who
have created a portal to unlimited coaching and mentoring. Contra Coaches are
constantly walking their talk, and they’re reaping the rewards!

Contra Coaches have access to as much coaching and mentoring as they like,
for about a quarter of the cost of one coaching session. How is this possible?
It’s simple. Contra Coaches buy a couple of Coaching Coins or accrue free
coins and this pays for a professional match-maker to assign them a coach and
a client. Then, by agreeing to give coaching to your assigned Contra
Client, you are entitled to receive the same amount of coaching from
your assigned Contra Coach.

It’s like Chinese Whispers, only Contra Coaches pass on coaching and
mentoring rather than a secret, and, instead of sitting in a circle in one room,
Contra Coaching circles can stretch right around the world!

As an IAC member, you are now entitled to free membership at Contra Coaching.
All you need to do is pre-purchase two Coaching Coins for your first round of
Contra Coaching. And, as a special introductory offer, if you join before the
end of June, you’ll get a bonus Coaching Coin – all you need for
your first round of mentoring too.

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