New Masteries Practitioners

Congratulations to the following coaches who recently earned the Masteries Practitioner Designation!

  • Juan Manuel Álvarez-Salamanca Fuenzalida from Santiago, Chile
  • Leanne Chan from Hong Kong
  • Awadhesh Shukla from Noida, India
  • MH Adam from Singapore
  • Chin Hsing Chung from Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan
  • Dr. Nasser Al-Fureih from Hawalli, Kuwait
  • Bruno Juliani from Niteroi, Brazil
  • Rosanna Mauro from San José, Costa Rica
  • Daniel Luna from Lima, Peru
  • Walter Gonzalez from Quito, Ecuador
  • Adrian Romero from Tijuana, Mexico
  • Cathy Anderson from Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Bruce (Zhenghai) Li from Hong Kong
  • Anjali Nair from Bangalore, India
  • Hong-Chun Wang from Tainan, Taiwan
  • Ya-jung Wu from Tainan, Taiwan
  • Teng Hsiung Lin from Tainan, Taiwan
  • Barbara Grace from Drysdale, Australia
  • Freddy Salas from Caracas, Venezuela
  • Yolanda Fleta from Barcelona, Spain
  • Kathleen McEvoy from Jersey City, NJ, United States
  • Ngoi Sua Chan from Taichung, Taiwan
  • Luis Diego Alvarado from San José, Costa Rica
  • Jin-Chu (Jinny) Wang from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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