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6 Advisors™ Coaching Academy provides
training and certification in what may be
the most advanced, science-based personal
development coaching system ever. Our in-depth
coach training program will teach you how
to use the 6 Advisors assessment, our ground-breaking
coaching system, and our business development
tools. We will help you dramatically increase
your ability to open doors, build your business,
and make a difference. As a member of our
active community of professional 6 Advisors
Coaches you'll have never-ending support
in creating the life and business you have
always wanted. Click here to learn more
about our special
$500 discount offer for IAC members

and what the 6 Advisors Coaching Academy
can do for you.

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professional coaching,
celebrating it’s 4th successful year as THE
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in their lives and careers. For details on how to receive a discount on your
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