A New Website for the Coaching Association with a Difference!

by Nina East

New IAC website screenshot

We are excited to announce the launch of the new IAC® website!
Once you take a look you’ll see why.

The new site is a visual representation of the progressive mission and vision the IAC® stands for: that masterful coaching changes the world in remarkable ways, and that becoming a coach is, in itself, a transformative process. Just as coaching evolves, so must coaching associations and certification programs. This means honoring the relevance of prior training, education and life experience in becoming a masterful coach. On the site you will find this reflected in the strong focus on professional development, the multiple paths to coaching mastery, and in the mastery resources (especially those available to members).

One of the most exciting changes you will experience is the new Member Dashboard. Here you’ll find everything you need to manage your account, track your progress, and even print your own Membership Certificate. For Authorized Licensees, you’ll find all your resources within your own Member Dashboard – no more having to keep track of multiple logins.

The new site is easy to navigate, using a “less is more” approach to create clean, streamlined menus and easy access to the information you utilize the most. It provides links to the tools you use most right at your fingertips at the bottom of every page, and are positioned to bring more visibility to our coach members through a robust, custom-designed Find-A-Coach feature.

Log in to your new site, update your biographical and coaching information, explore what’s available, and add your picture via gravatar.com so everyone can see your smiling face! Just log in with the email you used to sign up for membership and the same password from before. If you’ve forgotten your password, or the one you are using doesn’t seem to be working, just use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login form. And, help is just a click away through the contact form at the bottom of every page.

We are adding new tools and resources every week, so check back often to see what is available. If you have any requests for resources, please let us know.
As with any new, gigantic endeavor – and despite multiple rounds of review and testing – it’s likely there are a few typos or a link or two that aren’t working quite right. Please let us know through the contact form at the bottom of every page so your support team can take care of it right away.

Come visit the new IAC® site!

Nina EastNina East has created over 250 coach training modules for several prominent coach training schools and organizations, and has trained and/or mentored over 3000 coaches. Nina has been a Certifier with the IAC for 13 years. She is also a Content Development Expert, utilizing her coaching skills to create content for personal development professionals, such as ebooks, blog posts, products, and training programs.

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