Open to Spirit

by Martha Pasternack

In a recent IAC group licensee call (which was great, by the way), we focused on IAC Mastery #4: Processing in the Present. One of our members asked about how other people teach their coaches about IAC Mastery #4, measure number five:

Helping the client to determine and express
his or her own point of view different levels of mind body and spirit, as appropriate.

On this particular call we focused on Spirit, which tends to be more challenging than speaking about body and mind. I have been thinking about that ever since.

I speak for myself now. To me, Spirit cannot be separated from body, mind, or anything else when we think in a holistic way. Spirit infuses the body, mind, and emotions with vitality.

In fact, Spirit infuses all of life. Spirit enlivens the natural world as well as the people we serve as coaches, the ones we love and the ones care about. Spirit also is present in the things we may label as less than desirable.

I live a spiritual life, which is demonstrated not by what I say, but by how I live. When I allow my life to reflect what I have learned about the world, I give voice to Spirit.

Spirt is expressed through body, mind, and emotions by allowing your life to speak for how you live. It is in how you reflect love and kindness and how you clarify value.As international coaches, we know that our clients represent all the world’s great religions. I am not talking about religion and religious teachings here. I am talking about how to connect with the goodness of life with perspective.

When we open to our soul’s renewal, when we relax into loving ourselves and others, when we share our love with others, we open to Spirit.

When we receive our blessings with generosity, when we open to forgiveness, when we surrender to the mystery of life, we open to Spirit.

When we coach our clients to get clear so they can move forward on the pathway of life and the present moment, we empower them to open to Spirit. Our world is becoming increasingly mechanized and technical and it changes at a dizzying pace at times. Spirit is not mechanical or technical: Spirit is Spirit. And Spirit never changes. It is how love expresses itself through each of us and all of creation.

Spirit has no beginning. It has no end. Like the Circle of Life. It cannot be separated from body, mind, or anything else.

Anyway, that’s how I see it. How do you see it?

Martha Pasternack Martha Pasternack, MMC
My passion for witnessing the beauty and mystery of life, healthy healing and the promotion of Peace on Earth are integral to my daily life. I have been life coaching since 2004 as a Fearless Living Coach after working 30 years as a health care professional.

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