Open Up New Worlds for People (and Yourself)

by Julia
Stewart, IAC-CC

makes a coaching session absolutely brilliant? That's a question that
every great coach plays with throughout their career. The creators of
the IAC certified coach process have analyzed it to the nth degree in
order to define the standards needed for true coaching mastery.

coaching seems ineffable and yet, can trigger profound change in the
world. What if this level of coaching was available to everyone? That's
what inspired the late Thomas J. Leonard, who many credit with founding
this profession, to raise the bar on coaching standards by actually
defining them with the 15 Certified Coach Proficiencies and by founding
the IAC together with its certified coach process.

gift in IAC Certification is not in the initials after your name but in
the learning, inspiration, mastery and success that all come as
byproducts of preparing for the IAC exams. I bet you didn't get all
that in Mrs. Smith's Algebra class!

been lucky enough to have a ringside seat as hundreds of coaches have
tried out for the IAC certification process. Since 2002, I've been
neck-deep in the Proficiencies as a student, coach, and mentor; also,
as a trainer and certifier for Coachville, the largest coach-training
company in the world. I've come to know what works and what doesn't
while watching coaches muster their own greatness and step up to a
higher quality of coaching.

learning, inspiration, mastery and success matter to you (as I suspect
they do), then I want to share with you some of the most effective
strategies for passing the IAC certification process. These are not
shallow "fix-its," but steps in the process of becoming a brilliant
coach. My hat is off to you for taking the challenge!

What will it take for you to become a Certified Coach?




Stewart, IAC-CC, is President of the School of Coaching Mastery, a
"boutique" training program that puts coaches on track for IAC
certification. She is also co-founder of the Association for Coaching
Excellence, dedicated to the premise that great coaching has the power
to create solutions worldwide. Email:  Tel: 718-408-9188.

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