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IAC Penang, Malaysia Chapter exists to inspire and empower a community of learners in Coaching : Expanding the Path to Coaching Mastery. And thereby build and energize a coaching community of change leaders in all spheres of society and life!
Was established on 7 th May 2019, to be a platform and a meeting place for all those who want to make a difference for themselves and others through coaching in the area of Penang , Malaysia.

Chapter Activities:  Stay tune for our next networking events, sharing in the development and advancement of the profession.

We are happy with the official launch of our Chapter of the International Association of Coaching in Penang, Malaysia
We had the IAC Global President, Pepe Del Rio, addressing the guest live from Mexico City and our IAC President – Elect Shan Moorthi present at the event.

Honored to have YB Soon Lip Chee, Youth and Sports ExCo for the State Penang to launch the event.

Thanks to Ms Lim Chiew Boey, Special Officer to Chief Minister of Penang and Ms Ong Bee Leng, CEO of PWDC for gracing the event as well.

We continue to expand the path to Coaching Mastery worldwide.
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IAC Chapter – Penang and Kuala Lumpur Joint Webinar

A joint webinar organised by the IAC Chapters of Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 20th June 2020 on the topic of “Coaching Skills to Build Resilience”. Four experienced coaches were invited as panellists and they were Prof. Dr Zainal Ariffin Ahmad, Andy Cheong, Adibah M. Saleh and Grace Gordon.

There were significant anecdotal sharings by all the panellists of instances where building resilience was demonstrated, highlighting key coaching skills used by the coaches. The panellists were clear that this is more development/transformation coaching rather than addressing a specific problem. As such it required delving deeply into the coachee’s state of mind and to understand his/her emotions and issues such as limiting beliefs. A crucial skill needed was the ability to listen, and to be present while doing so, (Masteries #3 and #4). Success in identifying limiting beliefs or opening up possibilities through change could act as ‘triggers’ in the transformation. All this was to create greater self-awareness and affirming a belief in the coachee that he/she would be stepping out of this ‘Zone’ and into one of optimism and empowerment. Here, Masteries #2 (Perceiving, affirming and expanding the client’s potential) and #8 (Inviting Possibilities) would be key. This ‘trigger’ could be spiritual in nature as in the Muslim faith where Acceptance: Hikmah, there is a reason for why things happen, plays an important part in moving an individual to a place of optimism and resilience.

During coaching, the coachee must understand that he/she is not alone and need not face the challenge alone. Hence exploring the support structure by the coach is important as in Mastery #9. All along, the coach must guide the coachee through this transformation by ‘helping the coachee set and keep clear intentions’ (Mastery #7) as the state of the coachee’s mind may be confusion on a path full of distractions.


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