Please help create the future of IAC

As the International Association of
Coaching® moves into a deep strategic planning process, we invite you
to participate in answering questions about the future of the coaching
, and IAC’s role in creating that

With the assistance of Dave Ellis
(internationally respected leadership coach, author, educator, and
philanthropist), IAC invites its members to participate in a teleconference
series. During three 90-minute phone calls Ellis will explain the process of
multi-decade visioning, and assist you to think and say what you have never
thought or said about the future of coaching. These calls are scheduled
throughout our strategic planning process so that you can learn and provide
feedback about what other IAC groups have created.

When was the last time you asked yourself
Where will I be in 25 years? What will I have created? Who will
have benefited? What is now possible for those who have received my

Of course, we can not predict or control
the future, but we are much more likely to influence our future when we know
what we want and are clear about our dreams, visions, and desires.

As a valued subscriber to the
VOICE, we would love to include you in our first call in August. You have your
choice of two different call times.

click here
to sign up for our visioning process and participate in
a stimulating dialogue with your peers, to discuss:

  • Where do we want the coaching
    profession be in 25-50 years?
  • What will we want to have
  • Who do we want to have benefited?
  • What is possible for those who have
    received coaching services?
  • Which unlikely alliances have proved most
    widely successful?
  • … and many more questions to expand our
    thinking, go beyond our current ideas, and take control of the future of our

You can find out more about Dave Ellis at and

An opportunity like this doesn’t come
around often. Not only will our conversation benefit from your creative mind, we
know you’ll be enriched by your participation as well.

  It will be fun!

Call #1
(All VOICE subscribers welcome):
Aug 13, 1:00-2:30
p.m. Eastern Time
(08/13/2009) OR
Aug 17, 8:00-9:30 p.m. Eastern Time (08/17/2009)
Call #2
(IAC members only):
Sept 24, 1:00-2:30
p.m. Eastern Time
(09/24/2009) OR
Sept 21, 8:00-9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (09/21/2009)
Call #3
(IAC members only):

Oct 14, 2:00-3:30
p.m. Eastern Time
(10/14/2009) OR
Oct 22, 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time (10/22/2009)

P.S. The results of these meetings will
feed directly into the IAC’s strategic planning process through its vision,
mission and strategic goal setting and beyond this into actions
that create the future of our profession.

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