Powerful Mantras Defining Tomorrow’s Leaders ICES’s International Leadership and Coaching Conference

The IAC is pleased to be supporting ICES's International Leadership and Coaching
Conference. Leadership in a globalized economy involves transcending traditional
business models. To succeed in turbulent times, future leaders will spend considerable
time developing their inner strength.

Traditional business models utilize substantial leadership mindshare on developing
processes. Improving efficiencies and building markets that directly translate
to growing shareholder value, the 'Power of Mind' is thus harnessed exclusively
towards business outcomes. In the future, enlightened leaders will use new Mantras
that maximize this Power to go beyond business and build shared value for their

The Mantras draw upon powerful leadership and coaching concepts to generate
deep self awareness, identify and draw upon inner resources, support leaders
in taking responsibility for meeting their goals, and help them attain their
maximum potential.

If enlightened leadership is the direction for the new economy, then coaching
binds together powerful Mantras that help achieve just that!

Sir John Whitmore, globally rated as the Number One Business coach, will lead
a team of international Master Coaches who will explore multiple dimensions
of Leadership for the Modern Age at The International Leadership and Coaching
Conference at the Taj Vivanta in Bangalore, India on June 6 & 7, 2013.

Registration is still open: Register here!

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