President´s Award

The Presidential award is given to individuals who have contributed greatly to the growth and development of the IAC® and Coaching around the world.

The award is presented at a global webinar attended by the IAC® community, and where the leaders of our ExCo and BoG Members share their
thoughts on a topic of interest to our global community of coaches / mentors.

President’s Award 2023:

The members of our Executive Committee (ExCo) and our Board of Governors (BoG) invite us to be part of this space of honor and recognition through the President’s Award, the celebration of our 20th anniversary, and the presentation of our president-elect for the new term.

IAC Presidential Award 2023 for two of our IAC coaches for their enduring contributions, outstanding commitment, and unwavering passion towards the growth of the International Association Of Coaching:

>> Captain Dr. Shan Moorthi (Retd).
CEO & Founder Teamcoach International. IAC Past President (2020-21).
IAC-Certified Coach™.

>> Bonnie Chan. United Kingdom.
Executive Coach, Corporate Cultural Change specialist.
IAC-Master Coach™.

Enjoy the recording of this event: ENGLISH

President’s Award 2021:

In this edition, the award is given to Coach Pepe Del Rio, IAC Past President (2018 – 2019), IAC-Certified Coach™ and Coach Eduardo Vier,
IAC Certification Committee member, IAC-Master Coach™, for their valuable contribution to the global community of coaches, their constant
attitude of service as active members and volunteers of the IAC.

In this ceremony we will have the presence of our IAC Global President (2020 – 2021) Dr. Shan Moorthi, and our President-elect (2022 – 2023),
Dr. Luis Gaviria who will be the moderator of the event.

Remember and enjoy this edition here:

President’s Award 2020:
Coaching Mastery in the 4.0 World: Leadership in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

The International Coaching Association (IAC®) honored the renowned coaches, Krishna Kumar from Bangalore, India, Ex-President of the IAC and Fernando Sáenz Ford from Argentina, recognized exponent of Spanish-speaking Coaching, awarding them the IAC President’s Award for their contribution to excellence in coaching. Both coaches stand out for their achievements and accompaniment to hundreds of people and organizations.

In this ceremony the coaches shared their thoughts on a theme of interest to our global community: “Coaching Mastery in the 4.0 World, a look of leadership in the fourth industrial revolution”.

President’s Award 2018:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of Coaching

It was a privilege for us to present Des Walsh with the IAC Presidents’ Award on September 4, 2017. Des Walsh, who lives in
 Australia, has been part of the IAC® founding team. Des has continued to serve within the IAC® using his social media experience
to support the management of our LinkedIn group. The ceremony was focused on an interesting conversation about
“Impact and opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of coaching”.

President’s Award 2016:
Compassion in Coaching

IAC® Founding Presidents Michael ‘Coop’ Cooper (2003 – 2004) and Barbara Mark (2004 – 2005) received the President’s Award in March 2017 at a ceremony where they shared a rich conversation with EMCC President Lise Lewis and the IAC President for the date (2016-2017), Krishna Kumar, about “Compassion in Coaching”.

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