President’s Message


By Barbara Weiland-Mark,

Welcome to spring: a time for warmth, new beginnings,
and growth.

There have been some changes in the leadership
of the IAC. I would like to express our deepest thanks for the people
who have served on the Board of Governors and have taken IAC from
the initial vision of Thomas J. Leonard to a thriving organization
of over 6,000 members. (Our history is on the IAC website on the
“About Us” page.)

Thomas personally asked Michael “Coop”
Cooper, Laura Hendershot and Susan Austin to found and serve with
him on the IAC board. Since that time, they have provided dedicated
and inspiring leadership. Each has put in countless hours, and because
of that dedication, we have reached the heights that we have grown
to as an organization.

Many others contributed (and continue to contribute)
to the growth of IAC in many ways, and we are indebted to them.
Dedicated project leaders, volunteers, and board members, as well
as those of you who have contributed through our R&D team, have
given the IAC amazing energy, spirit and strength. We extend our
heartfelt thanks to each of you. IAC would not exist and thrive
without your efforts.

In March Coop stepped down as president, Susan
stepped down as chair of the board, and Laura stepped down as secretary.
It is my pleasure to honor their contributions and thank them for
their service. It is because of the foundation that these individuals
have built that the IAC thrives today.

In our next issue we will be introducing
the new leadership team in detail. For now, I would like to hold
the spotlight on the wonderful team of people who have contributed
and who continue to contribute to the great organization that is
the International Association of Coaching. Please join me in a virtual

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