Quo Vadis Coaching? 2020

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“Quo Vadis, Coaching?” Webinar Series began on November 2016, with Coach Krishna Kumar, who was the IAC® President, and Coach Pepe Del Río, Vice-President.  The first guest speakers were IAC® Founding Presidents, Michael “Coop” Cooper, and Barbara Mark, who, drawing on their extensive expertise and experience engaged in a conversation on the fascinating topic: “Learn from the Emerging Future.”

Since then, each year at the IAC® we dedicate a week to expand awareness about a topic of interest, together with IAC member coaches who are applying and living The Coaching  Masteries ®, and expanding excellence coaching.

Quo Vadis? is a Latin phrase meaning “Where are you going?” and by saying Quo Vadis Coaching? it is our invitation to meet and find out together Where is coaching going?, and where are we going as coaches?

The overarching theme this year will be “Coaching with Hope Through Chaos”.

We will explore hope as a core value to coaching, and also as a human essential virtue in the context of our work and contribution to the world.

Please mark your calendar, since this is going to be a powerful line-up of coaches from around the world. Sessions will be held in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Quo Vadis Coaching? 2020 will be held in Zoom. Please note that you need to register separately for each language. One registration is good for all week in the same language.

The presentations will be also available live in   www.facebook.com/IACGlobalWorld

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“Quo Vadis, Coaching?” La serie de seminarios web comenzó en Noviembre de 2016, con el coach Krishna Kumar, quien era el presidente de la IAC®, y el coach Pepe Del Río, vicepresidente. Los primeros oradores invitados fueron los presidentes fundadores de IAC®, Michael “Coop” Cooper y Barbara Mark, quienes, aprovechando su amplia experiencia, comenzaron una conversación sobre el fascinante tema: “Aprender del futuro emergente”.

Desde entonces, cada año en la IAC® dedicamos una semana a expandir la conciencia sobre un tema de interés, junto a los coaches miembros de la IAC® que están aplicando y viviendo The Coaching  Masteries ®, y expandiendo el coaching de excelencia.

Quo Vadis? es una frase en latín que significa “¿A dónde vas?” y diciendo Quo Vadis Coaching? es nuestra invitación a encontrarnos y descubrir juntos ¿A dónde va el coaching?, y ¿a dónde vamos como coaches?

El tema principal de este año será “Coaching con esperanza a través del caos”.

Exploraremos la esperanza como un valor central del coaching y también como una virtud humana esencial en el contexto de nuestro trabajo y contribución al mundo.

Por favor marque su calendario, ya que esta será una alineación poderosa de coaches de todo el mundo. Las sesiones se llevarán a cabo en Inglés, Español y Chino.

Quo Vadis, Coaching? 2020 se llevará a cabo en Zoom. Ten en cuenta que debes registrarte por separado para cada idioma. Un registro es válido para toda la semana en el mismo idioma.

Las presentaciones también estarán disponibles en vivo en www.facebook.com/IACGlobalWorld

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「教練何去何從?」線上論壇系列是由 Krishna Kumar 教練(時為 IAC® 會長)及 Pepe Del Rio 教練(時為副會長)於 2016 年 11 月所創設。第一位受邀嘉賓是 IAC® 的創會會長 Michael “Coop” Cooper 及 Babara Mark 他們兩位在引人入勝的主題「從新興的未來學習 (Learn From the Emerging Future)」下投入對話貢獻他們的豐富經驗及專業。

從那時起,每年在 IAC 我們都會有一週去擴大宣導一個焦點主題,與我們已經在運用並活出 IAC 教練精萃的 IAC 會員教練們一起追求教練的持續精進。

Quo Vadis? 是一句拉丁片語,代表「何去何從?」。藉由說「教練何去何從? (Quo Vadis Coaching?)」,是我們的邀請,邀請大家一起來找出教練的發展方向,以及身為教練的我們將往哪個方向去努力。

今年的主題是:【帶著盼望進行教練以度過難關 (Coaching with Hope Through Chaos)】。

我們將探討一個教練的核心價值 – 盼望。盼望也是在我們的工作與對世界的貢獻背景下人性的基本美德。

請在您的行事曆上把重要的這幾天空下來,因為我們將會有一系列來自全球各地很精彩的教練與各位分享。這論壇將以三大語系 – 英文、西班牙文、及中文,在全球盛大展開。

「教練何去何從? (Quo Vadis Coaching?)」將會在 IAC 的粉絲專頁上進行直播,網址為:


To join the meetings in English by Zoom, please register here and you will be able to attend all week. (This registration applies to English Masterclasses only. Please check below for other languages.) : https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upQtceurqTspOY2oM48czE07vpgvf7dOJA

Dec 7 – 11 / Dic 7 – 11 / 12月7日至11日

6:00 am Los Angeles / San Francisco
8:00 am Mexico City / Dallas / Managua / San José
9:00 am Eastern Time, ET / Miami / Toronto / Panama / Bogotá
10:00 am Caracas
11:00 am Santiago / Buenos Aires / Montevideo / Brasília
14:00 London
15:00 Madrid / Barcelona
19:30 Bangalore, India
20:00 Dhaka, Bangladesh
22:00 Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur / Taipei
01:00 am (next day) Sydney

Marco Lafrate

Monday December 7

Marco Iafrate (Canada)
Professional Speaker, Coach & Facilitator
IAC-Master Coach™

“Rising to the Challenge: Overcoming difficult times through values in action”

Unemployment, organizational restructuring, economic instability, and difficult life circumstances bring with them very real challenges that impact our personal and professional wellbeing. In these situations how we approach change can be the difference between success and struggle. In this research based session, Marco helps participants understand how to use a four step process to effectively manage change and transition, learn about the powerful connection between compassion and a growth mind, understand why a strengths based approach is vital to creating personal empowerment and optimism and how to harness the fundamental principle of fortitude to bounce back from difficult times to come out stronger than before.

Vicki Garcia

Tuesday December 8

Vicki Garcia (USA)
Leadership and Communication Coach specializing in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ).
IAC® Active Member

“Establishing a Foundation of TRUST: How Conversational Intelligence creates hope in chaotic times”

Brief introduction to Conversational Intelligence and the tie between trust and hope.
Why establishing a foundation of trust is important in coaching and in any conversation.

T = Transparency
R = Relationship
U = Understanding
S = Shared Success
T = Test Assumptions & Tell The Truth
How each element of TRUST ties to various IAC Masteries How to use the TRUST method with clients.

Wednesday December 9

Panel: Isabell Z. Melvin, Yechezckel Madanes, Kavita Sethi (Kuala Lumpur, Israel and Singapore)

Isabell is Professional Coach, Certified Trainer and Organisational Development Consultant. Founder of BusyBuds Co.

Yechezckel Madanes is Professional Life & Executive Coach, Enneagram and MBTI expert, Certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionist, Head of IAC® Research Committee.

Kavita Sethi is coach, trainer and consultant. IAC-Certified Coach™.Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Kavita received her MTech & Doctorate in Management Systems.

Through the Looking Glass: Reflection in the New Normal

Everything stems from self-awareness; you cannot see the picture when you are in the picture. You need a true north, and then a guide to draw your map for action with the ability to recalibrate along the way.

Thursday December 10

Panel: Ritu Mathur, Saurav Mohanty and Dr. G. Rajkumar (India)

Ritu Mathur is a Coach, Learning and Development professional and IAC® Bangalore Chapter Leader. IAC-Masteries Practitioner.

Saurav Mohanty is a Leadership Coach & Management Consultant with expertise in Executive Coaching & Skill Enhancement initiatives. IAC-Masteries Practitioner.

Dr. G Rajkumar is a Ph.D. in Operations Research and a certified Leadership Grid facilitator and Appreciative Coach.

“Performance Coaching for Leaders”

Talented professionals moving into leadership and higher roles can perform better if they sharpen their competencies and discover their inner potential. Almost all of them need some development or the other.

Coaching as a process enables and enhances leadership performance in all such scenarios.

The first step is an assessment of their competencies to identify what these leaders need to work on. Greater awareness and discovery lead to a goal setting and focused learning process.
Second is the coaching process itself. The coaching experience enhances their skills, which in turn enhances their performance and confidence to be great leaders. 
Our discussion will focus on the role of assessments, coaching and performance of leaders.

Friday December 11

Josie McLean PhD from Climate Coaching Alliance, Dr. Shan Moorthi and Gonzalo de la Canal. Moderator: Anjali Nair (Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Uruguay and India)

Dr. Josie McLean is the co-founder of Climate Coaching Alliance, and one of the co-founding practitioners of the professional coaching industry in Australia. She is an author, coach and  speaker and specialises in areas of organisational change , sustainability,  leadership, and transformation.

Dr. Shan Moorthi is an International Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach. CEO & Founder of Teamcoach International. IAC-Certified Coach™. IAC® Global President (2020 – 2021).

Gonzalo de la Canal is a Professional Comprehensive Coach, International business and trade consultant.Former IAC Uruguay Chapter Leader. IAC-Masteries Practitioner™, Head of the IAC Licensee Committee.

Anjali Nair is a Leadership Coach , HR consultant and Founder-the HR Studio. She is a IAC-Certified Coach™ and IAC® Global 2nd Vice President.

“Coaching for Climate change”

The challenge of Climate change is often described as a ‘wicked problem’. The nature of complexity and uncertainty that it presents calls for diverse thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. With increasing demand to  provide new approaches and solutions to this problem, coaches often feel the need for information and tools to support these initiatives.  

In this panel discussion, the primary question that we plan to address is: How can coaching add value to climate change?

 We aim to bring compelling coaching experiences that involve individual, organizational, and community initiatives towards climate change. This session hopes to ignite your curiosity and provide simple ideas that can inspire action for climate solutions in your community and beyond.


The sessions will be streamed live in  >> www.facebook.com/IACGlobalWorld 👍Click “like” and activate the notifications.


Para unirte a las reuniones en Español, debes registrarte usando el siguiente enlace. Tu registro te sirve para toda la semana. (Si quieres participar en otros idiomas, debes registrarte en el enlace correspondiente en esta página.)
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Dec 7 – 11 / Dic 7 – 11 / 12月7日至11日

11:00 am Los Angeles / San Francisco
13:00 Mexico City / Dallas / Managua / San José
14:00 Eastern Time, ET / Miami / Toronto / Panama / Bogotá
15:00 Caracas
16:00 Santiago / Buenos Aires / Montevideo / Brasília
19:00 London
20:00 Madrid / Barcelona
0:30 Bangalore, India
1:00 am (next day) Dhaka, Bangladesh
3:00 am (next day) Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur / Taipei
6:00 am (next day) Sydney

Nahil Nuñez

Lunes Diciembre 7

Nahil Nuñez (Orlando – USA)
Master en Teología y Especialista en Terapia Sistémica Familiar
IAC-Certified Coach™CEO de Family & Coaching Academy
Master Family Coach Trainer

“La Metáfora del Refugio Familiar obligado”

La vida no da marcha atrás, lo vivido es irreversible y la mayoría de las familias entramos en el inicio del caos para aprender a entregarnos con los ojos y el corazón abierto, para permitir el nacimiento de una nueva etapa de nuestro mundo. Estamos empezando a vivir el nacimiento de nuevas miradas y tomas de conciencia, una de ellas es la necesidad de trabajar y otra es la necesidad de libertad adulta. Adentrémonos en cómo ayudar a muchas familias en esa nueva toma de conciencia.

Narcia Morato Céspedes

Martes Diciembre 8

Narcia Morato Céspedes (Chile)
Life Coach
Mentor & E- Coach ILC Academy Worldwide
IAC-Certified Coach™

“Reconexión con el presente, preparación para lo siguiente”

Ayudémonos a reconectar, para enfocarnos en lo que realmente nos importa en este momento, de manera que contemos con los recursos para ponernos en el mejor lugar para transitar hacia el siguiente momento.

León García

Miércoles Diciembre 9

León García (Venezuela)
Life Coach
Facilitador de procesos de aprendizaje
CEO de Safe Coaching Group
IAC-Certified Coach™

“Tengo un sueño”

Será un espacio para conectar con la reflexión, la Conciencia y la Acción, partiendo de los deseos que nos mueven y que podemos recrear acompañados.

Coral Ramírez

Jueves Diciembre 10

Coral Ramírez (México)
Coach Ejecutivo y de Carrera
Especialista en Procesos estratégicos de Negocio y Tecnologías de Información
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™

“2021: El gran reto para el Coaching Profesional”

Como Coaches profesionales es muy importante elevar nuestro nivel de conciencia y reconocer la importancia que tiene nuestro factor diferenciador en un mercado que necesita claridad de nuestros servicios, enfoque y resultados asertivos, en la realidad que el mundo hoy está viviendo. Será un paseo por distinciones en el servicio profesional del coaching con foco en el dominio de las Maestrías como un diferenciador mundial.

José Carlos Chavez

Viernes Diciembre 11

José Carlos Chavez (Perú)
Coach Profesional 
Especialista en Inteligencia Emocional, Desarrollo de Competencias Gerenciales y Liderazgo
IAC-Certified Coach™

“Coaching para un mundo VUCA”

La realidad cambió a una velocidad que nunca pudimos prever. Este cambio trajo consigo la necesidad de ciertas competencias que influyen, directamente, en lo que se espera y se necesita de un líder, de la gestión del talento dentro de las organizaciones y hasta en la vida integral de las personas. Conoce cómo a través de las maestrías del coaching podemos, precisamente, desarrollar dichos


The sessions will be streamed live in  >> www.facebook.com/IACGlobalWorld 👍Click “like” and activate the notifications.


To join the meetings in Chinese by Zoom, please register here and you will be able to attend all week. (This registration applies to Chinese Masterclasses only. Please check on this page for other languages.) https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpceyrqjotGtAlHrtL4uhwov5vpDZjGvSP

Dec 7 – 11 / Dic 7 – 11 / 12月7日至11日

4:30 am Los Angeles / San Francisco
6:30 am Mexico City / Dallas / Managua / San José
7:30 am Eastern Time, ET / Miami / Toronto / Panama / Bogotá
8:30 am Caracas
9:30 am Santiago / Buenos Aires / Montevideo / Brasília
12:30 London
13:30 Madrid / Barcelona
18:00 Bangalore, India
18:30 Dhaka, Bangladesh
20:30 Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur / Taipei
23:30 Sydney

Maria Xu

Monday  December 7

Maria Xu 徐靜 教練 (China)
Certified Systematic Team Coach
IAC-Certified Coach™

Former Jiangsu Chapter Leader

“The Coaching Masteries®  : Activate The Organizational Awareness”

The Coaching Masteries® are not only good for individual transformation but also facilitate organizations to reach “Group Awareness”, to activate “Group Learning”, and also to actualize “Group Transformation”.

Coach Maria demonstrates a case study: How the management make the newcomer executives work with existing executives to create synergy? IAC coach facilitates the organization to “fusion these two generations”, to really lead to team synergy. This session will show you why (theory) and how (practice).

Tracey Chen Cuixia

Tuesday December 8

Tracey Chen Cuixia 陈翠霞 (China)
Zhejiang entrepreneurial mentor
IAC-Certified Coach™

Founder of TOP Coaching Center

“TOP (acronym for Trust, Output, Potential) Management Coach in Practice”

As the founder of TOP Coaching Center, Coach Tracey will share her idea about TOP Coaching practice in executives coaching application. TOP stands for Trust / Output / Potential – almost covers all the fundamental elements of coaching skill.

Jasmine (Lili) Zhang

Wednesday December 9

Jasmine (Lili) Zhang 張莉莉 教練 (China)
Corporate Coach and Facilitator
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™

Jiangsu Chapter Leader

“With an IAC Coaching Heart, Practice Welfare For All Mankind”

With the shared vision of fostering a lasting coaching culture for education organization and ultimately benefiting children, IAC Jiangsu Chapter jointly work with “Quan Meng”, a public welfare organization in Shanghai, China, focusing on promoting children’s reading with ecological thinking. Their non-profit activities include Book Corner in School, Reading Training and Community Library.

We feel delighted to share with you the initiation of the project, the design of the proposal, recruitment of volunteer coach, the whole process of the project and the challenges we face and how we overcome them.

Vivian Kuo

Thursday December 10

Vivian Kuo 郭嘉珍 教練 (Taiwan)
Corporate Coach and Facilitator
IAC-Certified Coach™

Certification Committee Volunteer
Taiwan Chapter

“Mindfulness Coach – Transforming into a Better Self”

With mindfulness coaching skills, not only give us peace of mind but also lead us to a better transformation. Coach Vivian will demonstrate her practice in this area.

Friday December 11

Leanne Chan & Peggy Ang (Hong Kong and Malaysia)

Leanne is a Internal & External Coach
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™. IAC BoG Member
IAC Asian Regional Coordinator Advisor

Peggy Ang is a certified professional coach from the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). General Manager at Discover Orient Holidays Sdn. Bhd.

“Perseverance with a Coaching approach illustrates Forward-Looking”

Experience exchange how’s Malaysian vs Hongkongers ride through changes in the challenging moment nowadays with different coaching approaches and acceptance. 
Masteries explicit – Trust, Engage Listening, Possibilities & Supporting System.


The sessions will be streamed live in  >> www.facebook.com/IACGlobalWorld 👍Click “like” and activate the notifications.

“Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. – Hellen Keller

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