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Coaching as a profession may be termed to be a modern phenomenon. While the concept of coaching has existed over many millennia the format in which it is practised has been a continuously evolving one that can both excite and intrigue the practitioner. Coaches need, therefore, to keep themselves prepared to meet the future.


What does the future hold for coaches?

Drawing inspiration by our Founder, the visionary coach Thomas Leonard, who believed in the power of ‘creative destruction’ to meet the future, the IAC have launched – Quo Vadis, Coaching?™ – a series of webinars where leading thought leaders share their vision on what the future holds for coaching and coaches.

Inner Fulfillment November 2017 - Recordings

With high speed technological innovations hurtling the 21st century forward in complex, chaotic and confusing directions there is a need to take time and reflect on human concepts like strengthening relationships, finding joy, seeking engagement at work and using compassion all in our quest for finding Inner Fulfillment.

Join us on a freewheeling conversation with IAC President, Krishna Kumar, Professor Devdas Menon and Positive Psychologist Paul Pahil share their deep learning on the topic of Inner Fulfillment.

President’s Award – Application of AI in Coaching September 2017 – Recordings

It was our privilege to present Des Walsh with the IAC Presidents Award on September 4th, 2017. Des Walsh, who lives in Australia and has been a part of the IAC Founding team. Des continues to serve on our Strategy Portfolio and use his social media expertise to support our Communications team. 

The Webinar focused on the “Impact and Opportunities for the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Coaching World.” 

Technology has expanded exponentially since 1997 when Gary Kasparov, Legendary Chess Champion, after he lost to IBM͛s Deep Blue said, “Few people in the world know better than I do what it͛s like to have your life͛s work threatened by a machine. No one was sure what would happen if and when a chess machine beat the world champion.” 

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI), though largely invisible, is pervasive in our lives through the use of powerful algorithms that drive search engines, provide social media alerts and e-commerce recommendations to name only a few. Machine learning, the latest entrant that is now propelling AI, enables machines to continuously learn through experience as we find from the widespread use of predictive analytics, diagnostics, image recognition chatbots and voice assistants. 

Should coaching and coaches ’embrace’ or ‘expel’ the advent of AI in our profession? How can we embrace this change, if we must? 

Or, should we, like Gary Kasparov, ask the deeper and tougher questions, stop worrying about what machines can do and focus, instead, on what they still can’t do?

President’s Award – Compassion in Coaching March 2017 – Recordings

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time,” said the Dalai Lama. 

A simplified definition of compassion is what happens when you encounter another person suffering, go beyond your feelings of empathy or altruism, and step forward to help alleviate that suffering. Interestingly, it is a topic that is now being actively researched in-depth by psychologists and neuroscientists around the world. 

Practicing compassion has deep connections with training in mindfulness and meditation. It is proven method to foster cooperative learning in schools by encouraging cooperation over competition. In coaching, we might expand our coaching skills by introducing the elements of compassion. To illustrate, in coaching conversations we often need to navigate through a complex web of perceptions that our client has shared, which when it clashes with our own might defeat the traditional listening techniques. 

Watch IAC Founding Presidents Coop/Barbara and EMCC President,Lise Lewis,in conversation with IAC President Krishna Kumar sharing their wisdom on “Compassion in Coaching”. Also watch IAC honoring founding presidents Coop and Barbara for their remarkable vision in making IAC what it is today.

March 2017 – Recordings (Spanish)

Desde la transformadora visión de nuestros panelistas, se integra un aprendizaje de alto valor, que le permitirá al participante ampliar su espectro de conocimiento, de la mano de reconocidas figuras cómo Jim Selman pionero del mundo del coaching y una de las máximas autoridades reconocidas en el campo de la transformación organizacional, autor del libro “Leadership”, entre otros. Fernando Saenz, fundador de Coaching Global y creador del programa “Desafío Coaching 30 días” que ha unido a la comunidad de Coaches de habla hispana. Fernando Celis uno de los formadores de Life Coaches con más prestigio en Latinoamérica y autor del libro “El ejecutivo surfista”. Yolanda Fleta pionera del Coaching Nutricional y coautora del libro “Coaching nutricional. Haz que tu dieta funcione” y del Dr. Luis Gaviria quien es uno de los desarrolladores del coaching basado en las neurociencias y miembro del Consejo de gobierno de IAC.

November 2016 – Recordings

In the webinars that follow we continue to offer an eclectic and delicious fare of learning that draws from a wide spectrum of global renowned coaches.

  • The “Quo Vadis, Coaching” webinar series began on November 2, 2016 with IAC Founding Presidents, Michael “Coop” Cooper and Barbara Mark jump-starting the topic. Drawing on their extensive expertise and experience they engage in a conversation with me on the fascinating topic: “Learn from the Emerging Future.” Starting with tracing the genesis of coaching they catapult the conversation to the modern age and beyond.
  • Join Brazilian Astronaut and Life Coach, Marcos Pontes and Executive Coach, Danilo Porto as they explore final frontiers of coaching in space and beyond.
  • Meet mentoring guru and EMCC founder, David Clutterbuck, in understanding the future models of coaching and mentoring.
  • Listen to coaching thought leader, Judith Glaser, share the cutting edge concept tool of Conversational Intelligence.
  • Learn the art of measuring ‘Coaching RPI’ from the expert, Lisa Ann Edwards and stay one step ahead of your client.
  • Be inspired by Ben Croft, WBECS founder and brilliant entrepreneur, as he shares his futuristic vision of Ethical Coaching.
  • Discover how Coaching using Neurosciences is playing a critical role in the field of medicine and beyond from IAC Board Member and neurosciences expert, Luis Gaviria.

Our webinar series concludes on November 14th, 2016 with Digital Age Leadership Coach, Des Walsh, in a fascinating conversation with the architect of the IAC Masteries, Sali Taylor on the topic, “The IAC Masteries, a Timeless Creation?” 

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