by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens”. Carl Jung

Every coaching process co-creates a safe non-judgemental space, were clients can discover themselves with freedom and creativity. When this happens, transformation occurs.

IAC Coaching Masteries® #1. “Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust” gives you the space to co-create a Coaching Relationship. Trust is the most important ingredient, without it, it’s impossible to have a Coaching Relationship. The key elements of IAC Coaching Masteries® # 1 are:

1. Mutual respect and acceptance

2. Confidence and reassurance

3. The client feels free to share their deepest fears without judgement

I consider these to be the key elements not only of IAC Coaching Masteries® #1, but also in enabling all successful Human Relationships – without them, one will fail in constructing the healthy and secure space that is essential for good relationships to develop.

As the current President of the IAC®, I want to invite you to co-create with us as an Association, and be part of the team that is maximizing the value of the IAC® ‘s wonderful people resources. This can only be done with a collaborative spirit. Thanks to all the work that it has been done, I can announce you that you can go through all of the IAC®’s worldwide elite certification process, not only in English and Chinese, but in Spanish too. Many good things are happening in the IAC®, and I look forward to writing about them more in the months ahead. Be a part of all this positive transformation – it has one purpose, for us to transform the world, together, one conversation at a time. Building prosperous and fruitful relationships is the key to achieving this.

Let’s keep the conversation going, I would love to hear from you.


Pepe del Rio, IAC President

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