Research-Based Coaching Mastery

Perceived Leadership Self-Efficacy and Coach Competence: Assessing a Coaching-Based
Leadership Self-Efficacy Scale

Recently, Frode Moen published a paper in Coaching: An International Journal
of Theory, Research and Practice
. The paper was titled, “Suggestive
Techniques in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring.

The overall purpose of the research was to test a self-efficacy scale that measures
important dimensions related to the coach role. The self-efficacy scale is validated
through an inspection of its relation to a coach competence scale. The coach
competence scale is a validated measurement that measures important coach competencies
and was developed based on the competencies described by the ICF. If this model
is confirmed in this study, it would indicate that the self-efficacy scale can
be an important and effective tool in the development of coach qualities among

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here to discover whether the self-efficacy scale was validated, and
to learn more about the self-efficacy and coach competence scales

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