Research-Based Coaching Mastery

Suggestive Techniques in Coaching

Recently, Andrew Armatas published a paper in Coaching: An International
Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
, titled, “Suggestive Techniques
in Coaching.” The overall purpose of the research was:

  1. to offer coaches an understanding of the nature of suggestions and do away
    with misconceptions that are still prevalent.
  2. to offer guidelines on how to enhance the impact of suggestions, intentionally
    and ethically.
  3. to describe specific suggestive techniques with accompanying examples,
    enabling coaching professionals to start incorporating them in their practice
    to their clients’ benefit.

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Armatas is an Australian-born coaching and clinical psychologist.
He acts as a principal advisor and scientific editor to one of the
largest publishing companies and serves as an advisor to the National
Network of Workplace Health Promotion and the National Institute of
Social & Preventive Medicine.

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