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did you discover coaching?

I've been a psychologist / counselor / therapist since 1985,
so I've had 20 years of experience there. Coaching as I see
it was a natural extension of the counseling work I had done
for two decades. What I realized five years ago is that I
could become virtual, to work on the phone and internet, so
that I could live exactly where I wanted. A lot of my experience
is from the skillset I learned from counseling.

personal growth work did you do to help you become successful
as a coach?
In my own personal
growth, early on, as a therapist, I did my own growth working
with counselors and therapists, back in the 80's. If you don't
do your own work, you'll be ineffective as a coach, because
it's very easy to project your own un-solved issues on the
client and not even know it.

coach training have you had?

Basically, CoachVille Schools of Coaching has been my main
area of coach training.

you have a coaching specialty/niche?

One of my challenges is that I'm an eclectic guy! My current
focus is on online marketing and the Guerrilla Marketing Coaching
program. I really have three strong areas and it's difficult
to focus on one, but I think they are all connected – you're
dealing with people and a set of principles allows me to be
effective there.

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