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How did you discover coaching?
My son’s surgeon told me (not asked) 20 + years ago that I was going to
coach all her future long term care patients. We worked with health
care providers, surgeons, therapists and specialists in their various
fields to create a coaching model for long term care patients and I
haven’t looked back since.

What personal growth work did you do to help you become successful
as a coach?

I took courses in leadership, training, organizational and industrial
psychology, however with a focus in Executive Coaching. I worked with
Thomas Leonard on his R & D team and basically took ideas and
concepts from everything I read from the most obvious to magazine
articles. And I asked many of my clients to work with me on creating
models and techniques that they would use in the future.

What coach training have you had?
Since I’ve been coaching for a such a long time, the training I had was
in creating models from the ground up and, through trial and error,
perfecting them over time. As well I did my post graduate in
organizational psychology with a focus in executive coaching so I could
marry individual excellence with organizational excellence.

Do you have a coaching specialty/niche?
I’m a Shadow Coach, Observational Coach. As I’m observing clients
throughout their day, I am able to give them ‘in real time’ personal
performance feedback. Essentially I help clients become aware of
important parts of their days, their behavior and habits that they
weren't aware of, or were making incorrect assumptions about and with
this new information and resulting insights, clients identify choices
between what they want and what they are currently doing. From that
they create tangible change by choice. I’m there to help them implement
these changes and as a result continue to grow as effective leaders.

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