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How did you discover coaching?
I first heard of coaching almost 15 years ago when I was a college
faculty member and dean of students. We spoke of our role with college
students as one of being a coach – offering guidance, helping bring out
the best in the student, empowering the student to expand their
possibilities and take productive action.

the time we were using the term to describe what we did. We weren't
aware of an emerging profession. Then, when I worked with Tony Robbins,
I learned more about the formal aspects of coaching and coaching as a

What personal growth work did you do to help you become successful as a coach?

I have to admit it; I am a personal growth junkie. You name it, I've
probably done it or I've at least read the book! I find that everything
I do adds to how I serve my clients. I continue to participate in as
many group and individual personal growth experiences as possible.

of the early experiences that influenced me were volunteering at the
local Women's Center, my graduate training in counseling psychology,
and training in neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-associative

What coach training have you had?
Truthfully, I have not been "formally" trained in a coach training
program. It might be more accurate to say I "evolved" into a coach
through all the different personal development programs, business
courses and leadership trainings I have completed. Because of my own
ecclectic background and success as a coach, I was asked to help design
the curriculum at CoachVille some time ago, and since then have
designed and led coach training courses in several other training

Who has coached you?
I have worked with several different coaches, and find that I am
usually working with more than one at a time. Currently I am coaching
with Terri Levine ( and Richard Reardon ( In the past I have been coached by Deben Tobias, Ramon Williamson and Dave Buck.

Do you have a coaching specialty/niche?
I think of my coaching business as being like a filing cabinet with
distinct drawers, which are markets. Within those drawers are file
folders, which are programs and concept areas. Within those folder are
specific pages, which are tools, resources and specific activities.

The primary niches I work with currently are: coaches who want to work
with a master mentor coach; psychotherapists who are burned out and
looking to reinvent themselves; micro (very small) business owners; and
people in direct sales.

What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching for you?
Knowing that what I get to do with people has an impact far beyond what
I can see or imagine. For each epiphany someone has, or each minor
shift, a whole series of impacts are put in motion. It's a thrill every
time I hear the wheels turning inside a client's head. I know something
big is about to happen for them and that it will mean big differences
for everyone who comes in contact with them.

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