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Message from
Mark PhD

President, International Association of Coaching

Greetings and
happy July to you all.

This is truly
a year of quantum growth for the IAC. As you see in the article
from the certifying committee, we have been certifying coaches
for a year now and the certifying committee is growing in
order to accommodate the increasing number of you sending
in your tapes. We will also be setting up the opportunity
for submitting your recordings via email so that the process
will be even more streamlined.

We are continuing
to develop the intellectual property that will become the
foundation of the new certification program. The goal of the
organization in developing this new program is to offer a
certification that is truly globally based. As an international
organization we feel compelled to offer a certification that
represents the most fundamental and elegant statement of the
mastery of coaching that will be understood and shared by
cultures around the world. These fundamentals will represent
the essence of what coaching is for coaches and the clients
of coaches in the most cross- culturally sensitive way.

As we proceed
with the development of this process we will be coming to
you, our members, with the template and seeking your input
and feedback.

We are hosting
Town Hall Meetings that will give you the opportunity to ask
questions and give us feedback as we grow and develop as an
organization. We look forward to your participation! Read
all about them below.


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