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Message from
Mark PhD

President, International Association of Coaching

was recently “coached” by a very wise person. I was asked what it was
like to be me. I was asked to describe what it means to be me in the
world and what is important to me. I was asked what fun is for me and
what did I do when I played. It was an interesting challenge to
respond. I was invited to describe these things in the simplest of
terms with no excuses. The questions came from my 4-year old niece in
the process of her trying to identify for herself what “self” means.
The depth of the experience has stayed with me as I live my life from
day to day. I ask myself – what does it mean to be me? It brought me
into a simple relationship with my sense of identity and my feeling of
integrity. My 4-year old niece can see if I am saying something that
simply isn’t true and can ask from that place innocence that little
kids naturally can – “What does it mean to be you” and can see if I am
walking my talk or not. I learned something as a coach that day. It
underscored the possible simplicity of being in the moment and being
curious. My niece’s heart was open and she wanted an answer that made
sense to her. It brought me into a different kind of relationship with
her, but more importantly, a different kind of relationship with
myself. I felt very alive in that moment with her. This is what it is
all about!



Corrections, errata,

IAC Voice recently published a Letter to the Editor, which contained
information that was ethically inappropriate. The letter gave enough
information about a client to potentially compromise the client’s
confidentiality. It also contained comments that were not respectful of
the dignity of the client/coach. We offer our apology for this
oversight and embrace it as a learning experience about the importance
of modeling high ethical standards for the coaching profession. I also
wish to express my appreciation to the member who brought it to our

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