Sharing What is There

Message from
Mark PhD

President, International Association of Coaching

Happy New Year!

are excited about the upcoming year at the IAC. The organization is
growing with your support. We are polishing the newsletter and the
website. We now have several IAC Certified Coaches – congratulations to
you! Everyone who's already earned IAC Certification will tell you the
same thing: just go ahead and try! Every one of them will tell you that
he or she had to overcome some obstacle in order to pass the online
test and to allow certifiers to hear them coach. And they agree – just
do it! Don't be afraid to fail, because some really wonderful coaches
didn't pass the first time they tried. They generally agree that they
learned something important about themselves and their coaching on the
road to eventual certification.

I am simply delighted to see
the passionate debate that you are engaging in about the coaching
profession! (ed. note: see Letters to the
below) This spirited exchange of beautifully articulated
ideas addresses some of the most challenging issues that the
IAC Board of Governors struggles with regularly. Your generous
contributions mean a great deal to the future of the IAC –
thanks so much for your willingness to share your thoughts.
As Margaret Wheatley says, “Conversation is the way
people think together.”

I would also like to invite you to submit articles for publication in the Voice. We have
enormous resources in our members. Thanks for being there!


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