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President, International Association of Coaching

I have several favorite quotes.
I am a strong believer in the power of language and feel that
quotes often provide inspiration and clarity. As a coach and
a leader in the coaching profession I am aware of how important
language is. This is the power of the coaching relationship
– it is through conversation, the exchange of words,
the exchange of information, the exchange of emotion and meaning
that we guide and support our clients through change and development.

I share this quote with you today:

“The world you
want to live in and the world you need to live in needs
you to create it – it needs your input. The world
needs to hear what you have to say. The last word has not
been spoken…the last word has not been spoken!”

– Beah Richards

On another subject, you'll notice
our advertiser below and further down a testimonial about
the MAPP Assessment. I was invited by the representatives
of MAPP to take the assessment and comment on it for our members.
I spoke with the developer to ask about the history of the
MAPP and how it was standardized. I was very pleased with
my conversation with him and with the results of the assessment.
I found the information to be universally useful in contrast
to other assessments that are purely geared toward career
change and development. I feel that it is a very valuable
benefit for our members.


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