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සහතිකය ලබා ගනී ...
Nina East, IAC සඳහා ප්රධාන සහතිකය

මේ මාසයට අපි විශේෂ සැලකිල්ලක්!

ඔබ දන්නා පරිදි, පුහුණුකරු ඇන්ඩ්රියා ලී (www.AndreaJLee.com) has decided to pursue IAC certification. That fact alone may not seem noteworthy, but that she is doing so openly and publicly IS. Andrea is doing this to encourage other coaches in their certification progress. In addition, it’s a call to action for other leaders in the coaching industry who are not certified by an independent body such as the IAC.

As part of her preparation, she wanted to get as much information as possible about the Masteries and how to know when she is, or is not, using them correctly. To do so and to support other coaches, she interviewed me to pick my brain and get “the inside scoop” on what the certifiers are listening for with each of the Masteries.

We recorded the conversations and we’re sharing a snippet from the interview on Mastery #3 – Engaged Listening. The beginning of the interview also includes nuggets about the Masteries in general. Andrea described it as getting the “true gold” from my brain. Listen, enjoy, learn! (You can hear the entire interview at www.MyMentorCoach.com.)

Download the audio here: http://ninaeast.audioacrobat.com/download/72355d5e-cf0c-a3dc-6442-73aeb8803817.mp3 (ගොනු විශාලත්වය: 3.42 MB, දිග: 14 විනාඩි, 15 තත්පර)

For even more insights about IAC Certification and the 9 Coaching Masteries™ listen to all Nina’s interviews at www.MyMentorCoach.com.

Next month we’ll take a closer look at Mastery #4 – Processing In The Present.

Please send your questions about the IAC Coaching Masteries™ and the certification process to certification@certifiedcoach.org.


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