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Interest in the IAC Coaching Masteries™ continues to grow…and with that interest comes great questions. Two of the questions the Certification Board hears the most are:

1. සහතික පිටපත් ඔබ සවන් දෙන විට ඔබ සැබවින්ම සවන් දෙන්නේ කුමක් ද?
2. What are the Certifiers noticing? Are there patterns? What are coaches getting and not getting? (OK, so that’s actually three questions – but they tend to come together, all at once.)

What those questions are telling us is that members are interested in “picking the brains” of the Certifiers – so we got three IAC Certifiers together and had them talk about the Masteries, certification, and what’s next for coaching.

This discussion, recorded for download, was part of the Great Minds Roundtable hosted by the Association of Personal Growth Professionals. The conversation was focused specifically on coaching and the IAC Coaching Masteries™. Very special thanks go out to Karen Van Cleve and Natalie Tucker Miller for participating in this conversation.

Here is a small sample of what you’ll hear from the Certifiers in the audio recording:

  • මාස්ටර් පුහුණුකරුවන් නිර්වචනය කරන්නේ කුමක්ද?
  • පුහුණුකරුවන් රැකබලා ගන්නේ කුමක් ද?
  • මාස්ටර්ස් විවිධාකාර පුහුණු මෝස්තර වලට ඉඩ සලසන්නේ කෙසේද
  • how transformation and sustainable change are different from behavioral change or getting a specific result
  • ටිකක් මඟපෙන්වීමක් ඇත්තෙන්ම ප්රබලයි, සහ එය නොකළ විට
  • how to know what’s really going on in the coaching session – when trying not to have an agenda becomes an agenda in itself
  • සංවාදයට වෙනත් මට්ටම් තිබේදැයි දැන ගන්නේ කෙසේද
  • පුහුණුකරුට මුලින්ම තේරුම් ගැනීමට අවශ්ය වන්නේ මන්දැයි යන්න
  • පුහුණුකරුගේ බිය සහ සිතුවිලි ඔවුන්ගේ පුහුණු කිරීම බලපාන ආකාරය
  • සහතික කිරීම සඳහා අධ්යයනය කිරීමේ දී ඔබේ ප්රවීණතා මට්ටම ගැන දැන සිටිය යුතු ආකාරය

සාමාජිකයින්, log in to access the recording and the juicy tidbits.

Remember, if you are an IAC member, you can download the Masteries eBook as one of your membership benefits. If you are not a member, you can still access some of the information about the masteries මෙහි.

Next month we will get back to discussing the Masteries one by one. Next on the list is Mastery #4 – Processing In The Present.


Nina East is the IAC’s Lead Certifier and the founder of PersonalGrowthProfessionals.com. As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching. For even more insights about IAC Certification and the 9 Coaching Masteries™ listen to all Nina’s interviews at www.MyMentorCoach.com.

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