Special Announcement on Certification Changes

all coaches who have one more recording
to submit for Certification

If you passed one record coaching session
using the Proficiencies in Part 2 of IAC
Certification, you may still submit a third
recording for review to complete Part 2
and become an IAC Certified Coach!

you wish to have the additional recording
scored using the Proficiencies, please submit
your recording
by April 30, 2008. If
you would prefer your third recording be
reviewed using the Masteries, regardless
of when you submit the recording, you may
request this. Please note that if the Masteries
are used for this additional recording,
you will need to receive an overall score
of 80% or higher, and a score of 4 or higher
on each of the Masteries.

recordings received after that April 30,
2008 will automatically be scored using
the IAC Coaching Masteries (TM).

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