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September VOICE

President’s Letter

by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

Our theme for this edition of VOICE™ is awareness and so I invite you to become aware of the International Association of Coaches (IAC) certification process as a unique and challenging process.

Thomas Leonard’s vision was to streamline the process of certification with the IAC, which emphasizes the demonstration of coaching rather than the documentation of it.

You don’t have to attend a particular school to be eligible to go through the IAC path of certification. What you do need to do is demonstrate that you understand the coaching process, the IAC Coaching Masteries® and that you are up for the challenge. You will have a unique and growing learning experience valued the world over.

To you, this may sound like the IAC certification would be easier than other processes. It is by no means true, because, as the certifiers say, “Professional life coaches need to demonstrate masterful coaching skills.”

The reason for becoming an IAC Certified Coach is unique, and personal, as Martha Pasternack, MMC our current IAC-BOG Secretary says, “It is an opportunity to serve others for the greater good.”

Presently, only about 25% of coaches who apply for the IAC Coaching Certification pass the first time. That is why, as an IAC member, you can access tools, and coaching triads that will provide you with the support you need to develop your skill on your learning path. By taking advantage of these offerings mentioned above, you can focus, and go for it.

There is a global standard of coaching, and then there is the IAC standard. The International Association of Coaching certification assures you that you are qualified with the highest standard of universal excellence. Indeed, “The platinum coaching standard of universal excellence.”

To support you further, the IAC trains and grants qualified coaching programs a license to teach you the IAC Coaching Masteries®. They will prepare you for the IAC certification path. 

Be aware that not just any school can tell you that they can certify on behalf of IAC, or that you have to be certified with them before going for IAC certification. If you want to check our list of current licensees, please go to our website:, and confirm that you are with a current licensee.

IAC coaches are proud to be certified at the CMC or MMCC level of mastery. It is a process rather than an event. Once certified, there are several opportunities to continue your professional development.

I also invite you to become deeply familiar with the IAC Coaching Masteries®. and Code of Ethics. Become one of the worldwide elite coaches that call themselves IAC certified coaches.

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Pepe del Rio, IAC President

José Manuel “Pepe” del Río: Executive and career coach. He works with clients from different parts of the world. Founder and Head Coach of the Rio training boutique firm, specializing in Coaching and Logotherapy, which for 22 years has been working with executives and organizations on communication issues and creating leadership and high performance cultures that provide support for people to become the best versions of themselves. 

Self-Awareness is the Key

by Krishna Kumar | IAC Past President 2016 / 2017 

“Self-awareness is the key to being a Champion,” said legendary American tennis champ, Billie Jean King and it is that distinct quality that differentiates champions in sport like Roger Federer, Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan from other players. While the ability to achieve peak performance under pressure is starkly visible in sports arenas it is equally needed in all other arenas of engagement, such as the worlds of theatre, music or business where performance matters. If it is that distinct quality that sets apart a champion from the rest then how do they achieve peak levels of self-awareness?

Awareness is known to be present at multiple levels. The single biggest obstacle to being fully aware is the presence of ‘distractions.’ Dealing with distractions is the main differentiator between mediocre and peak performance that allows the performer to achieve amazing results. As we move through a typical day our levels of awareness vary in relation to the distractions that we encounter and how well we overcome these distractions by managing our emotions. To illustrate, while playing tennis when the ball is flying at you very rapidly by starting to think that you ‘shouldn’t miss the ball’ you create a mental distraction that might lead to playing a poor shot. If instead, you focus your attention on the direction, angle and spin of the ball as it is moving towards you, the return shot will be played to the best of your ability.

From this simple illustration it is clear that the journey to becoming self-aware requires us to go beyond our outer world of sensations and actions, and connect deeply with our inner world of thoughts and feelings about which we typically know very little. In this journey we attempt to reach the source of our consciousness and get to know our inner life. The Sufi mystic, Rumi, describes this quest brilliantly,

Then journey into yourself!
And like a mine of rubies
receive the sunbeams print!
Out of yourself ? such a journey
will lead you to yourself,
It leads to transformation
of dust into pure gold!

Coaches make Champions by helping them master their inner core of self-awareness and create peak performance in the field of their choice. In a personal quest to apply self-awareness in coaching, I developed a model, called AWARETM, which many of my colleagues are using with success. The model blends five concepts, namely Awaken (A), Will Power (W), Action (A), Reflection (E) and Engage (E) that can lead us to that perfect state of self-awareness.

It would be wonderful to know your experiences with self-awareness in coaching and I look forward to your connecting with me at

With Appreciation

Krishna Kumar, IAC Past President 2016-2017 

Krishna Kumar is the Founder-Director of the Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC) and a pioneer in the sphere of Leadership and Executive Coaching in India. His firm belief that coaching is the best way to learn has carried him through a varied learning journey over three decades that included donning the hats of a senior corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a professional tennis coach, a B-school professor, Leadership Advisor and Strategy Coach. The journey continues…


Important to Note: Our 2018 Quo Vadis? webinars will be held the

last week in November. Plan on participating with masterful coaches  and become even more

inspired to deepen your work as an IAC coach.




by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens”. Carl Jung

Every coaching process co-creates a safe non-judgemental space, were clients can discover themselves with freedom and creativity. When this happens, transformation occurs.

IAC Coaching Masteries® #1. “Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust” gives you the space to co-create a Coaching Relationship. Trust is the most important ingredient, without it, it’s impossible to have a Coaching Relationship. The key elements of IAC Coaching Masteries® # 1 are:

1. Mutual respect and acceptance

2. Confidence and reassurance

3. The client feels free to share their deepest fears without judgement

I consider these to be the key elements not only of IAC Coaching Masteries® #1, but also in enabling all successful Human Relationships – without them, one will fail in constructing the healthy and secure space that is essential for good relationships to develop.

As the current President of the IAC®, I want to invite you to co-create with us as an Association, and be part of the team that is maximizing the value of the IAC® ‘s wonderful people resources. This can only be done with a collaborative spirit. Thanks to all the work that it has been done, I can announce you that you can go through all of the IAC®’s worldwide elite certification process, not only in English and Chinese, but in Spanish too. Many good things are happening in the IAC®, and I look forward to writing about them more in the months ahead. Be a part of all this positive transformation – it has one purpose, for us to transform the world, together, one conversation at a time. Building prosperous and fruitful relationships is the key to achieving this.

Let’s keep the conversation going, I would love to hear from you.


Pepe del Rio, IAC President

The Essence of Coaching as a Transformative Process

President’s Letter  |  March 2018

The Essence of Coaching as a Transformative Process, by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

The IAC® definition of coaching is that “Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery, growth, and the expansion of possibilities.”

I have always had an abiding connection with the IAC® definition of coaching, along with the values and the code of ethics that the association supports.

Allow me to take a moment to explain my interpretation of the IAC® definition of coaching. The first part states “Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness.”

Transformation works with the essence of what is being transformed. For example, the essence of a wooden board is the tree. You can turn the board into a music box, and then turn the music box into a table. The essence of the tree will remain.

When we speak of “a transformative process for personal and professional awareness,” the awareness is already present as essence. The job of a coach, through the coaching process, is to accompany the client as he awakens to his essence, even if it is unknown at the beginning.

Where do you put the focus on a transformative process for personal and professional awareness? The coaching process works well when the focus is on the client. The client will discover what he or she has already there and will experience an expansion of consciousness.

Coaching is a process that allows both the client and the coach to live life with a deeper purpose and passion.

I invite you to think about your interpretation of The IAC® definition of Coaching for yourself and your clients.

Since being launched on March 11, 2003, one month after the unexpected death of The International Association of Coaching founder Thomas Leonard, the IAC® has been in constant transformation and growth.

During 2018, I invite you to join us for many IAC® events celebrating our first 15 years as we continue our growth, discovery and the expansion of possibilities.

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Pepe del Rio, IAC President


José Manuel “Pepe” del Río: Executive and career coach. He works with clients from different parts of the world. Founder and Head Coach of the Rio training boutique firm, specializing in Coaching and Logotherapy, which for 22 years has been working with executives and organizations on communication issues and creating leadership and high performance cultures that provide support for people to become the best versions of themselves.

A positivity view of the future of the IAC®


A positivity view of the future of the IAC® by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

“First say to yourself what you want to be, and then do what you have to do”.


How do you develop positive habits in your life? How do you measure them?

Positivity is the topic of this monthly VOICE™, and before I speak about the IAC®, I would like to share eight actions that can help you acquire positive thinking habits.


Every day:

  1. Practice Visualizations
  2. Write and read positive affirmations that resonate with you
  3. Create your day focusing your attention on positive and meaningful actions
  4. Invite possibilities
  5. Practice compassion
  6. Monitor Your Energy
  7. Be Kind To Yourself and others
  8. Develop Resiliency

The IAC® was founded in 2003 by Thomas Leonard to lead the coaching world. Since then, the International Association of Coaching® has driven coaching excellence with the vision of developing human potential worldwide. We are aware that masterful coaching has the ability to change the world in positive, powerful, and remarkable ways.

I am very positive regarding the present and future of the IAC®. The transformative process experienced over the last years, and the foundations and distinctive professional values that it stands for, have been the power driving the Association over these fifteen years, and will continue to be one of our many strengths facing the future. The love, passion, positive actions, and time invested by our team of multicultural volunteers to develop a path that demonstrates masterful coaching constitutes one of our bigger strengths.

The IAC® Certified Coach is unique; they demonstrate The Coaching Masteries® in a master level and are governed by an inclusive code of ethics. Our coaches live by distinctive professional values that are reflected in the way they support their clients and conduct themselves.

I am humbled taking the leadership baton from a great leader and positive influence of the coaching world, my good friend Master Coach Krishna Kumar, who has done an outstanding job leading the IAC® transformation. My strength relies on a professional, and capable International Board of Governors, and the rest of the volunteers that work every day for the good of coaching.

Over the next couple of years, we will continue with the transformation process and focus on our distinctive professional values, with a special focus on our progressive certification path, membership growth, and code of ethics, to keep driving coaching excellence.

Aristotle wrote; excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. The best way for preparing for it is working positive thinking habits and actions. The Spaniard singer Joan Manuel Serrat says, “Every day is a special day to waste it”.

Finally, I want to invite you to contact us and get involved working in one of our different committees.

Keep in touch at


Pepe del Río

IAC® President


Crear impacto y marcar una diferencia.

Crear impacto y marcar una diferencia.

Este mes, VOICE habla de generar impacto ¿Qué tipo de impacto generas con los tuyos y con tus clientes? ¿De qué manera el mundo es mejor porque estás tú? ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de tu diario hacer? ¿De qué manera impactas positivamente al mundo del coaching? Te invito a que te involucres activamente en las actividades de IAC como voluntario, impacta positivamente con tu presencia al mundo del coaching.

En las sesiones de coaching ejecutivo y de carrera que realizo, es común escuchar al cliente decir “estoy procrastinando”. Al procrastinar, disminuimos el impacto que generamos y empobrecemos nuestro legado.

IAC tiene mucho por hacer en los años venideros y gran parte del impacto que tenga estará determinado por tu participación.  Estás en una asociación de coaching fundada por Thomas Leonard para liderar y marcar el futuro del coaching, los herederos de este ideal somos cada uno de nosotros, y en nosotros, está marcar el paso del coaching a través del impacto que genera nuestro hacer al aplicar el código de ética y las 9 IAC Coaching Masteries.

Con este fin en la mente, este mes, varios miembros de IAC fuimos invitados a participar en Desafio Coaching 30 días, apenas en su segunda edición ha revolucionado e impactado al mundo del coaching en español, la creación de Fernando y de Sebastián Ford Saenz está impactando positivamente el universo del coaching, no solo de habla hispana sino global. El código de ética y las 9 maestrías fueron tema de algunas de las sesiones que se realizaron. Como coach IAC siente el impacto positivo que logras al aplicarlas en tu vida y con tus clientes.

Por otro lado, te invitamos a que sigas nuestra serie de webinars Quo Vadis, Coaching? Diseñados para hablar del futuro del coaching, participa en ellos, llénate de ideas, comenta.

Te invito a que disfrutes esta edición de VOICE y a qué diseñes y pongas en práctica acciones significativas para que impacten al mundo positivamente.


José Manuel “Pepe” del Río,

IAC Presidente Electo


Jose Manuel Pepe del RioJosé Manuel “Pepe” del Río: Coach ejecutivo y de carrera.  Trabaja con clientes de distintas partes del mundo. Fundador y head Coach de la firma boutique del Río training, especializada en Coaching y Logoterapia, que desde hace 22 años trabaja con ejecutivos y organizaciones en temas de comunicación y creando culturas de liderazgo y alto desempeño que brindan soporte para que las personas se conviertan en las mejores versiones de ustedes mismos. 

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