The IAC Learning Agreement – A Stepping Stone to Certification

Editor's Note: Today we have another member's experience with the Learning Agreement proposal process. Uta Guse serves on the IAC Board of Governors and is also a member of the Licensing Committee.

Linda: What is your role on the Licensing Committee?

Uta: In the licensing committee I communicate with coaches and trainers from all over the world. I help them learn more about the IAC and how an IAC licensee might match their needs and aspirations. This has been a great experience and I would like to say thank you to all the licensees for these very inspiring and interesting meetings.

Linda: How has the Licensing Committee contributed to the new Learning Agreement process?

Uta: Angela Spaxman, a former president of the IAC, was heavily involved in creating the Learning Agreement. As a next step, we will be introducing the Learning Agreement to our existing licensees as well as potential licensees in the future. We will incorporate this new tool into our communication tools and methods.

Linda: What was your experience in submitting a Learning Agreement Proposal?

Uta: The process helped me to really focus and think about where I want to be in the future and the necessary steps to get there. It was a pure coaching approach.

Linda: What are some of the activities you designated in your proposal?

Uta: My goal is to work towards certification. I would like to get feedback from an IAC-Certified Coach about my coaching in general and about very specific Masteries I would like to focus on. Also, I would like to work with a buddy coach and share feedback on how we did with the Masteries.

Linda: What will you measure or track over the year in preparation for submitting your Completed Learning Agreement?

Uta: By working with both a mentor coach and a buddy coach/learning partner, I will be measuring my growth as a professional coach. I would also like to explore an intercultural assessment I just got licensed for and reflect on how I could be using it in the future.

Linda: What are some suggestions for coaches who are designing their own Learning Agreement?

Uta: If you are afraid that this is just extra work for you, don’t be. This process helps you become clearer about your aspirations and to turn them into actionable items that you would have done anyway.

Linda: What did you appreciate about the process?

Uta: I appreciate the openness of our organization, the IAC, to support my learning process. I also appreciated the guidance of my interviewers. The Learning Agreement helped me think about my own personal development objectives and what is necessary on the path to meet them.

Linda: How do you hope the process will evolve?

Uta: I am truly looking forward to the learning and experiences on the way. I want to use the coming year to complete my action items on the Learning Agreement.

Linda: What else would you like VOICE readers and the global coaching community to know about the new Learning Agreement process?

Uta: If you are looking for more clarity and striving for personal development, this process is an excellent opportunity to set measurable targets to accompany your growth as a professional coach.


Uta is the owner of UGC – Uta Guse Consulting. She provides coaching, training and consulting services to corporate and private customers as well as entrepreneurs in English and German. She has also facilitated workshops and trainings in medical practices, non-profit organizations and educational organizations for the unemployed.





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