The IAC Masteries flow at WBECS

The IAC team of Aileen Gibb, IAC-MMC and Krishna Kumar, IAC President (Elect), supported by Natalie Tucker-Miller and Dr Susan Meyer, presented for the fourth consecutive year at the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS).

This year, our team created an engaging presentation by blending the IAC Masteries with the elements of the Flow State (ref. Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi), to illuminate what occurs in the ultimate coach/client experience. Real-life coaching examples from our team’s experience were explored as a way of highlighting how the IAC Masteries weave together naturally. Calling this “Full Spectrum Coaching” invited the listeners, who were mostly experienced coaches and leadership/HR representatives from the executive world, to leverage their own deeper awareness and understanding of how their own growth as a coach can be as exponential as that of their client.

The presentation was well received by around 230 participants who joined the call from all corners of the world. The audience appreciated that the IAC Masteries are a way of ‘being’ as a coach and provide the power to the coach’s engine (our team used a car analogy to emphasise this).

The following participant comment sums up the impact of our presentation at WBECS 2015:

“Be the masteries, experience flow, be engaged in the moment, really listen, the experience of being alive. Great presentation.”

We hope to be able to post a recording of this presentation on the IAC website in due course.

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