The International Leadership & Coaching Conference


The IAC co-sponsored the International Leadership & Coaching Conference
2013 that was held in Bangalore, India in June 2013. The Intrad School of Executive
Coaching (ISEC), founded by IAC Vice President Krishna Kumar, organized this
first of its kind event in India. The focus of the International Leadership
& Coaching Conference (ILCC) was the ‘Seven Leadership Mantras’
that drew upon powerful Coaching concepts to generate deep self awareness, identify
and utilize inner resources, support leaders in taking responsibility for meeting
their goals, and help them attain their maximum potential. Sir John Whitmore,
widely regarded as the pioneering of modern business coaching, delivered the
keynote address. Other presentations, each of them with powerful takeaways,
were delivered by Master Coaches from around the world.

The ILCC was attended by nearly 80 delegates from 10 countries, with the IAC
very well represented by Chapter Presidents from Asia, including Jin Lee Teo
(Singapore), Shanmugam Moorthi (Malaysia), Jinny Wang (Taiwan), Nigel Cumberland
(Dubai), Leanne Chan (Hong Kong), Ed Britton (China), Saurav Mohanty (India)
and many IAC members from India, Asia and the UK.


Sir John Whitmore receiving first IAC lifetime acheivement award

the occasion of the IAC’s 10th Anniversary, the IAC honored
Sir John Whitmore, an acknowledged thought leader in the world of
coaching, with the first IAC Lifetime Achievement Award. The award
was jointly presented by Krishna Kumar, IAC Vice-President, and IAC-Board
Members Jin Lee Teo and Shanmugam Moorthi.


IAC President’s Award  given to Bonnie Chan

on this occasion, the IAC President’s Award was given to Bonnie
Chan, Asia’s first Master Masteries Coach (IAC-MMC) and member
of the IAC Certifying Board. This award was presented to Bonnie by
Krishna Kumar on behalf of IAC President Dr. Susan Meyer.

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