Our world provides the opportunity to select from a range of exciting and endless possibilities that should delight us. Paradoxically, it is this surfeit of choice that often ends up causing more pain than pleasure when we wonder, at some stage in our lives, if things would not have worked out more favourably had we chosen a different path.

Making the right choice is tough in any situation and should best be done by a judicious blend of intuition and hard logic. However, when a situation demands urgency we tend to rely largely on intuition and given the luxury of time we tilt in favour of logic.

Studies indicate that our cognitive biases deeply cloud thinking and influence our selections. To master the art of thinking clearly, it is very useful to learn the skill of critical thinking. Critical thinking skills help to navigate through the maze of cognitive biases, recognize assumptions that impact decision making, evaluate arguments favouring or against specific alternatives and finally deciding on the optimal solution. It is a complex process but one that is essential for discovering the right path.

Coaching using critical thinking skills is an extremely powerful mechanism to help one’s clients choose the right path. Interestingly, learning the IAC Coaching MasteriesTM provides a perfect foundation to build critical thinking skills that coaches may use.

In the ensuing months the IAC offers you a surfeit of learning choices. Starting September 4th, 2017 we will launch our next series of Quo Vadis, Coaching? Webinars featuring the fascinating topic, ‘Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Coaching.’” The webinars will be followed by the IAC sponsored Conference in Budapest on September 30th, organized by our Governing Board member, Peter Ruznak. on the topic of ‘Motivation in Life.’

Later in the first week of December 2017 we will conduct our International Coaching Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in an exciting and novel format. Stay tuned for more details.

As always, I look forward to receiving your thoughts and ideas. Please connect with me at .

With appreciation,

Krishna Kumar, IAC President

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