The Power of the Retreat

by Jabier Ans

Jabierans Retreat, Castellón, Spain

When guiding others it's sometimes easy to forget about ourselves. We neglect the most essential and helpful source of wisdom that makes us unique and allows us to follow our inner voice to provide others with value: our higher self.

To see with clarity what that higher self needs, how to nurture it so that it can nurture others, sometimes we need to get some distance from our daily routine. Whether you feel a vague sense that something is lacking, or you sense that you need to reconsider your priorities or redefine your values, a retreat might offer you the time and the space to connect with your essence and get clarity about which path to follow.

As a person it will help you tremendously. As a coach it will greatly improve your business, but most importantly it will help your clients—the people who are coming to you for guidance, whom you are committed to assist.

At the completion of your retreat, not only will you have gained wisdom, insight and experience, but you will have a new strategy to recommend to your clients.

If you have been thinking of taking a retreat but you are still hesitating, consider these benefits:

1- Time to contemplate

Any action must first be conceived, and this type of contemplation is a natural by-product of a retreat.

A retreat invites you on a journey into your inner self, it allows you to maintain communication with who you are, it takes you to a deeper sense of connection with the self and it helps you to align your thoughts with your actions.

2- Time to rediscover who you are

When the habits and social structure to which we belong limit our deepest being, it is time to stop, to retreat and to reassess who we are, emerging afresh.

There are many techniques, therapies and activities that provide us with that reunion with who we are, and taking a retreat in nature is one of them. It greatly facilitates the flow between our inner self and our outer actions, bringing us closer to our nature as creative human beings.

3- Time to rediscover your love for others

When we find peace within ourselves and we acknowledge, love and respect ourselves as we are, then we rediscover our love for others. We re-learn how to consider and appreciate others as human beings who deserve our confidence and respect. These are things that are sometimes forgotten in this stressful life.

4 – Increase vitality and improve health

Living within nature, it is so easy to order the cycles and rhythms that all animal beings need to regulate. You will experience improved sleep, oxygenation, digestion and vitality.

5- Increase confidence in life

By rediscovering who we are, our love for others and the respect we feel for all beings, we increase our confidence in life and recognize the common bond among us.

Something about living within nature helps us to let go of all the judgement and fear that seem ever present among humans. Let go of already set modes, prejudices, forms and structures.

6- Increase clarity

Taking a retreat allows us to get distance from our daily routine and see the essence of what we want in life. It helps us to place ourselves in a more objective approach between who we are and what we are called to live; to find inner peace by understanding that we are living our part, the life we consciously choose to live.


Jabier Ans is a sculptor and the founder of the Jabierans Retreat in Castellón, Spain, a sanctuary for those seeking peace and tranquility. It is nestled in the Castellón mountains with views of the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by stylish sculptures beautifully integrated within nature. For more information:

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