The Transformative Power of Ontological Coaching

by Alan Sieler,
Director, Newfield Australia

learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human. Through
learning we re-create ourselves." (Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline.)

Coaching is an approach to coaching that gets to the heart of what it
means to be human as the means for generating profound positive change.
Two examples are provided in this article on the application of this
remarkably powerful coaching methodology.

Excerpts from the article:

After a range of exploratory questions about money and her life
circumstances the coach asked, is "What is the story you hold about
yourself not having enough money?" Karen said that it meant she could
not have fun, and with that her body lurched back slightly and her eyes
widened. Although a simple statement, this was a revelation for her as
she came to see how life had become serious and heavy for her. …"

Way of Being consists of three interrelated spheres of human existence.
These three spheres are language, emotions and physiology (body
posture). Our Way of Being can be thought of as the internal reality we
live in, which especially includes the relationship we have with
ourselves. …"

Stella was gradually introduced to the domain of the body as an
important area of learning. The body learning aspect of the coaching
had two components. The first was developing an awareness of how she
had developed posturally in response to living in her core negative
self-assessment and a mood of Anxiety. The coach encouraged her to
become aware of how she held her head and neck, her shoulders, her
chest and torso and her hips, and asked her how the world was for her
from this posture. …"

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