Tools for Coaching Mastery

by Andrea Lee

IAC Coaching Mastery #7: Helping the client set and keep clear intentions isn't
a 'seasonal' mastery, one that you turn on or off in summer or winter. But it
does seem to find its way into many coaching sessions at the beginning of the
calendar year.

It makes sense doesn't it, since the new year is the traditional time to review
what's gone before, and clear the way for what's wanted next?

In the following short audio clip, Mentor Coach Barbra Sundquist shares insights
into what transpired during a coaching interaction in which Mastery
#7 was employed.

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Are you confident in your ability to speak up to your client when they stray
from their intended goals?

When your client says one thing about their intentions, yet their actions tell
you something different, what might you wonder (not assume!) about your client?

How much of your client work centers around celebrating success –when
they achieve a goal, for example – and what other ways might you add value to
the coaching interaction?


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