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More IAC Coach Confidence Keys
by Doris Helge, IAC-CC

Reap the rewards hidden in your unresolved issues

Because of human resonance, our clients are human mirrors of our unfinished business. When we are unconsciously experiencing the same inner block as a client, we may fail to perceive their genuine issue or agenda. We may fear diving into the deep water where they must swim if they are to gain their next level of personal empowerment. One of the fastest ways to boost career success is to clear a personal growth block. Cloudy perceptions will vanish like fog when the sunshine pierces its film.

Befriend your inner critic

Neuroscience and sages through the ages have agreed that our natural state is joy, peace, love and wisdom. Most people think we have to banish the inner critic and struggle to battle our way back to bliss. When we embrace the inner critic instead of fighting it, we return to our authentic self. We also more easily connect with our Higher Self. We become focused on why we are coaching and live in alignment with our life purpose. This focus makes fear disappear like a feather in a hurricane. The acceptance process is easier and faster than our ego (who we think we are) wants us to think.

Nurture your curiosity

Even after 10,000 trials to develop the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison never judged himself as inadequate or lost his confidence. In fact, he told critical reporters, "I must be very close to discovering what works because I know so much about what doesn't." He was as curious as a two-year old toddling around a colorful new playground. The IAC Coaching Masteries® emphasize how important it is to explore a challenge with playfulness and curiosity. Curiosity squelches self-judgment. The two cannot co-exist. Plus, curiosity is so much more fun. If you sense yourself losing your enthusiasm or judging yourself harshly, inoculate yourself with a healthy dose of curiosity. Ask yourself a question like, "I wonder what I'm learning right now?" or "I wonder what my client needs right now?"

Take Vitamin SSS

Nurture a solid support system (Vitamin SSS). You'll relish the joy of a balanced life and the people you extend love and compassion to will be there for you when you need them. Consistently trying to go it alone is a red flag signaling feelings of unworthiness. Reaching out to others is a sign of healthy self-esteem ("I deserve assistance"). Enjoy the great game of giving and receiving and build strong "I deserve" neural associative networks in your brain.

Notice your confidence boosters and zappers

Mindfulness is one of our greatest tools for greater confidence. Which clients, questions, and strategies elevate your confidence? Which deplete it? Use your self-awareness to develop an action plan for new skill development and target the niche that's most rewarding for you. Instead of agonizing about your weaknesses, manage them and capitalize on your strengths. The world needs your best self now.

Enjoy the power and ease of consistent small steps forward

It's easy to justify and lament a lack of progress when you set an unrealistic goal. Setting the intention to take a small step forward each day toward certification, for example, will maintain your forward momentum and elevate your confidence. Here's just one example: You can easily spend just 10 minutes a day re-reading a single IAC Mastery notesheet. Then close your eyes and imagine effortlessly asking a creative new question related to the Mastery you were studying. By the end of only one month, you'll have circled through every Mastery three times. You'll have dozens of new questions to ask your clients. The exercise will also boost your motivation to study the IAC Coaching Masteries®.

Your brain craves new stimulation and strengthens neural associations with repetition. This means that your quick, easy Mastery study series will make you more comfortable about using and being quizzed about the Masteries. You'll also be more confident and creative when working with your clients.

Allow the Bigger Picture to Propel You Forward

Our world is at a major tipping point. As a coach, you're a key resource for change. As a united force, coaches can help create the essential momentum necessary for this planet to move away from war, confusion and greed toward sharing, kindness, compassion and the acceptance of personal responsibility.

You are too important to waste your precious energy feeling inadequate or powerless. Avoid perfectionism and procrastination. Ask for help, resolve internal blocks, nourish your curiosity and move forward with joy.

Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an IAC and CTA certified coach, coach mentor and founder of the IAC-licensed training school, Confident Coach Connection. She also created the New Coach Virtual Chapter of IAC and other mastermind groups that boost coaching confidence and collaboration. Discover more at and

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