Transformation,  by Krishna Kumar | IAC President 2016 / 2017

What would cause someone who was a world champion in his sport and equally successful in business to want more from life? Is there life beyond the endless quest for fame and fortune?

In conversations, coaching legend, Sir John Whitmore, mentions that when faced with such a dilemma and seeking answers he took the path of studying the emerging field, at that time, of humanistic psychology. Paths of transformation that lead him to learn Tim Gallway’s seminal Inner Game coaching concepts and apply them to businesses. As we all know what followed is rooted in the history of modern coaching.

The need to transform is not restricted to our search for meaning in life or work. It could occur in more mundane situations, such as feeling ‘stuck’ in a role or when performing below one’s own expectations. The challenge lies in determining the nature of transformation and building the self-belief to make it happen.

Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, a few years ago passed through a phase of poor performance. Having the courage to take those hard decisions required for reinventing himself at his comeback to the top of the sport is now the story of legends.

Commenting on this transformation Toni Nadal, the long-time coach and uncle of Federer’s great rival Rafael Nadal, said, “”The human mind is conservative in the face of uncertainty. Roger Federer was not afraid of uncertainty when he had already won everything and his reputation was impeccable. Nothing is more difficult than modifying what has already worked instead of continuing to trust in their virtues.”

The root of all transformation lies in trusting oneself. Coaches can greatly support in the transformative process by helping their clients develop the self-belief to bring about the desired changes and also commit them to taking the responsibility to make those changes happen.

We may continue to be inspired by John Whitmore who said, “Coaching is an industry specifically focused on building self responsibility in people and what a wonderful opportunity it is to be a coach in this time of transition.”

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With Appreciation

Krishna Kumar, IAC President 2016-2017


Krishna Kumar is the Founder-Director of the Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC) and a pioneer in the sphere of Leadership and Executive Coaching in India. His firm belief that coaching is the best way to learn has carried him through a varied learning journey over three decades that included donning the hats of a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a tennis coach, a B-school professor, independent Board member and an Executive Coach. The journey continues…

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