A Transformative Journey For A Coach : The 5 Key Attributes

A Transformative Journey For A Coach : The 5 Key Attributes, by Prakash Santhanam

I have a dream. My dream is to be a great and successful coach. I believe most of us have the same dream but how many turn it into a reality? In order to make the dream come true, there are many contributing factors, be it at professional or personal level. Below are 5 attributes of a successful coach who is aligned with IAC Coaching Masteries®.

Attribute 1: Goal-oriented

According to Sun Tze, ‘Winners get the job done and losers complain’. The key message here is mainly how coaches identify unique approaches to helping their clients accomplish the goals, instead of derailing. Primarily, the focus should be on the coaching approach and not on the problem. IAC Coaching Masteries® #7 of “Helping the clients set and keep clear intentions leading towards achieving coaching goals” supports this attribute. At this stage, some of the positive effects is that the coachee is clear about what he or she wants in achieving or transforming and the coachee moves forward confidently and purposefully.

Attribute 2: Optimistic and Highly Motivated

It is highly essential to stay positive to ensure repetitive success. Generating positive energy and environment as well as expressing ideas and thoughts in an encouraging, influencing and optimistic manner produce healthier results. This attribute is strongly connected with IAC Coaching Masteries® #1 – Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust. In order to ensure a safe space and supportive relationship for personal growth, discovery and transformation. Also, the coachee freely expresses emotions and responds positively to questions.

Attribute 3: Self-improvement and Empowerment

Wisdom that comes from failure is the first step to success. Being flexible with changes happening internally and externally is important for ongoing success. Capitalize on strengths and seek improvement by accepting critics in a positive manner. Attribute 3 relates closely to IAC Coaching Masteries® #2 – Perceiving, affirming and expanding client’s potential. If coach manages to apply this mastery in a tactful manner, the coachee becomes more empowered and willing to improve, move forward and realize his or her potential.

Attribute 4: Stay Connected

Evidently, being a good listener (IAC Coaching Masteries® #3; Engaged Listening) and staying connected with the coachee (IAC Coaching Masteries® # 4 – Processing in the Present), both these masteries help the coachee throughout their coaching journey. The coach has to maintain connections and share intuitions and theories with full of lightness. Also, staying connected torch the success of the coaching path. One of the key factors for the coach is to check on the coachee about his or her thoughts, intuition and feelings.

Attribute 5: Stay Crystal Clear

IAC Coaching Masteries® # 6 – Clarifying is key to ensuring a smooth coaching session. Assist the coachee in reducing and eliminating confusion and uncertainty along the way. Keep clarifying as check points and ensuring both are clear on the purpose and goals. Most importantly, avoid being judgmental and leading towards a particular direction. A good coach has to exhibit the skills of facilitating the purpose, vision and mission.

Start looking at the mirror today and ask ourselves if we have these key attributes. If yes, march forward and if no, ask what you can do to start acquiring them.



Prakash Santhanam is an experienced Talent Management practitioner specializing in Learning & Capability Management, Executive Coaching, Talent Engagement and Performance Management. He has remarkable international track record, aligning business strategy with talent strategy in reshaping organization leading towards regional and global success. He possesses 15 years of professional experience predominantly in the automotive, information technology and telecommunication industries across Asia Pacific and Africa.

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