The IAC Volunteer Community

The IAC is a volunteer led association that thrives with the help of its vibrant and dedicated Volunteer Community. We take pride in our  ethos to work closely as one family.  Volunteering is a wonderful and unique opportunity to interact and learn from the IAC family. The Heads of our various Portfolio’s and Committees, many of whom have considerable experience in the coaching, academic and business worlds, in the true spirit of coaching are always keen to share their learning with others.

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist us as we move ahead in furthering the IAC mission of “expanding the path to coaching mastery.” Depending on your training, experience, passion, and talents, we will work with you to identify positions, where your contributions will be most beneficial for all involved.

These positions could be one of these areas:

  • Social Media Support
  • Volunteer Committee member
  • Website Coordination and Support
  • Coaching Research
  • Online Forum Monitor
  • Translation specialist (Spanish and Chinese)
  • Membership development activities
  • Chapters support
  • Licensing support
  • Evaluating member benefits

To apply for any of our volunteer positions, we invite you to email


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