Welcoming the Newest Member of the IAC Certification Team

The IAC is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Certification Team. As we expand outreach to include the Chinese languages, it's an exciting time for IAC members!

Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee been coaching since 2005 and first became a member of the IAC in 2007. Lorraine was certified in 2009.

She is passionate about coaching and supporting others to be the best they can be. Lorraine coaches leaders and professionals on a variety of workplace issues including leadership, talent management, communications, managing change & transition, cultural aspects and inspires leaders to maximize their full potential.

Lorraine is a part-time Lecturer of Coaching and Marketing courses at the HKU SPACE. Lorraine has some twenty years diverse corporate services marketing background having worked in major multinational organizations in Hong Kong and Canada.

In her free time, Lorraine enjoys watching investigative drama such as the likes of Castle and CSI. "So intriguing!"

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