What are the Masteries and Why Are They Important?


by Martha Pasternack

The IAC Masteries are a collection of 9 useful guidelines to use when conducting a coaching session with your client. They are based on the experience of our coaching predecessors. Building upon the experience garnered by others is respectful and valuable as we develop our coaching practice.

The IAC Masteries are nuggets of coaching wisdom that guide us down the oft times dusty path of life toward the thirst quenching watering hole called by many names: freedom, fulfilled goals, dream manifestation, personal accomplishments, self-esteem, insight, gratitude, forgiveness, clarity of thought, and clarity of vision – just to name a few. The IAC Masteries are a good read and they sound perfect in theory.

But that is not why they are important. The IAC Masteries are masterful. If you have had any contact with them, you know that.

The Masteries foster relationship between the client, you their coach, and their greater vision of possibility.

When the Masteries are engaged in a coach/client relationship possible choices and shifts become available, accessible, and feasible for the client.

When choices are laid out in a simple way, perspective becomes clear and what previously seemed impossible becomes not only imaginable but also doable within the parameters of the client’s reality.

When real limits replace limiting belief, spiritual and soulful renewal are inevitable results and the client is empowered to decide the future steps along their path.

Those are some of the reasons the IAC Masteries are important. They are not only important, however. When we engage with the Masteries in our coaching sessions we experience that they are genuinely helpful, noble, and powerful. They require that the coach be engaged in personal growth as well as the client. The Masteries require using them in real life situations so their nobility can be untethered from theory. They depend on real life experience that takes us from mere information as a good read, into useable knowledge felt at a gut level.

Employing the IAC Masteries is not a spectator sport. It is how we build the foundation of a deep and meaningful relationship between two people standing side by side in the present moment and facing the future together. To build this foundation the client listens to the coach and the coach listens to the client. If listening only goes one way, true communication is lost. Having said that, the IAC Masteries foster autonomy when well understood by the coach. I am a big fan of the IAC Masteries. They help us move beyond “How to” into “Here’s how”.


voice_june_Martha_PasternackMartha Pasternack, MMC

My passion for witnessing the beauty and mystery of life, healthy healing and the promotion of Peace on Earth are integral to my daily life. I have been life coaching since 2004 as a Fearless Living Coach after working 30 years as a health care professional.

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