What It Means To Be Part Of The IAC

Diane Krause-Stetson, IAC-CC, Vice President of the IAC

I have been on the Board of Governors and its Executive
Committee since April of 2005, first as Secretary and now as
Vice President. I also participate on the following
Committees: Strategic Planning, By-laws, Finance and Global
Certification Standards Development.

Regardless of the hat I wear or the context in which I
participate, my goal has been to help build a successful and
sustainable platform for the IAC from which it can continue
to evolve the highest standards of coaching. In my work with
the IAC, I apply the same approach as I do in my
business–using authenticity and principled decision-making
along with pragmatic, goal-oriented strategies to achieve
sustainable, bottom-line results. What marketers might call
my tagline, I call my touchstone: "Discover who you are.
Decide what’s important. Do what matters.™"

Therefore, it has been a real opportunity to be on the
ground floor as we embarked on strategic planning for the
IAC. Starting with the fundamentals, we clarified our vision
and solidified our mission.

At our September Board meeting, the IAC reaffirmed its
commitment to the professionalism of "coaching" by changing
its name to the "International Association of Coaching". The
IAC is a professional umbrella organization that serves
coaches and others who use the art and science of coaching
in their work. Members of the IAC include coaches,
consultants, business leaders and managers, teachers, health
care professionals, and many others.

Like any business, our strategic planning has also focused
on enhancing our membership database and our financial and
communications systems. With systems in place, we have begun
to reconnect with you, our members, and to expand our member
services. The IAC leadership takes its mission seriously and
is committed to the membership.

But, remember, the IAC is still an organization that is run
and operated by volunteers—your colleagues who are giving of
their time and expertise to advance the organization and the
professionalism of coaching. Even in a volunteer
organization, there are expenses for operating supplies and
systems and professional services that must be covered.

We have had numerous discussions about what value
proposition we are presenting and what commitment we can
expect from our membership. We have discussed the balance
between having a large membership base that is making a
modest contribution, or a more exclusive base that is
willing and able to contribute at a higher price point. We
believe that we have struck the correct balance for a
professional organization. As the IAC grows, we need to know
that there is a solid membership base of professionals that
believes in the value of coaching and that supports—and is
willing to invest in—the initiatives of this organization.

I hope that you will join me in supporting the IAC as it
evolves the highest standards of coaching and as it
advocates for the transformation in personal development,
business, education, health care and so many other
professional fields through the integration of coaching

In my business, I serve as a catalyst for principled success
for executives, small business owners and service
professionals. I am the founder of Lead Your Life™, LLC, a
coaching and consulting business that concentrates on career
enrichment, leadership development and organization
effectiveness for executives, small business owners and
professional service firms. I am also a cofounder of
Symarete™, a coaching and consulting collaboration that
serves "lady lawyers" and law firms.

I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that is
committed to the highest levels of professionalism in

Diane Krause-Stetson
President and Founder of Lead Your Life, LLC
Co-founder of Symarete
Vice President, International Association of Coaching

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