When Entrepreneurial Creativity Strikes

by Terri Hase



I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1996, and a professional coach since 2002. That’s a lot of years “off the grid” in the traditional working sense.

I honestly think I might be ruined as an “employee”. Not because I can’t follow a good leader, or because I can’t follow someone else’s vision. Honestly, it’s because I can’t stop seeing the big picture! No matter how hard I try, my brain floods with opportunities and possibilities. This can be an issue! Frankly, most entrepreneurs are so busy following their own creative stream that there isn’t much room to let me vent mine into their creative flow. But, I get it. I really do!

I’m not alone in that. I know first-hand that many entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs are experiencing the same thing, especially coaches! In no small part, it’s one of the things that makes so many of us great coaches. Our brains never shut off, so to speak. We are awash with possibilities! Then when you add to that the training we have in listening and questioning, PLUS the training around holding the space for the success of others, it’s a miracle our brains don’t max out.

Well, the truth is, sometimes they do. What we have to remember is, when they do, there might actually be a gem in there somewhere. We just have to listen and be patient!

One night recently, my brain went off on a tangent. I know I’m not the only one, right?

Brain at 4am: "TERRI, TERRI, WAKE UP!"

Me: "Wha..uh..zzz..why?"

Brain at 4am: "There are things to be thought, important things! Do you remember that time when you were 10, and there was that ice cream truck that always came around? What happened to ice cream trucks, are there still ice cream trucks?"


Brain at 4:10am: "Psssst, we're waiting."

Me: "Fine, I'll check Google." (Yes, there are still ice cream trucks)

Brain at 4:39am: "Hey, have you heard of coyote vests for dogs? For real, check it out. There's a link, right there in the margin!"

Me: “No, I’m not looking at those! Oh, but they do look weird. Maybe just a peek.”

Brain at 4:50am: "Hey, what's the name of that actor you've seen a lot of recently? That guy who keeps showing up in those shows, the one with the brown hair? He's doing really well, right? I hope he is, is he?"

Me: (searching a movie database, while cross referencing the show that pops to mind with the entire series cast list, picture by picture by picture…) "‪#RyanRobbins and he's doing great. NOW can I go to sleep?”

Brain at 6am: "I was thinking about a way to revolutionize your business model. You still awake?"

Me: (soaking up creative tsunami of ideas) "Uh, next time, lead with THIS. I really didn't need the ice cream/coyote vest warm up. But hey, at least now I know that dudes name! So, all in all, thanks for waking me up!" [Oh, there will be a nap later though]

Can you relate?

How has being an entrepreneur/solo-preneur challenged your creative flow? Do you struggle with “turning off” your brain, and do you sometimes lose that struggle? Maybe you even lose that struggle in the middle of the night? What was the last “lightning bolt” idea that popped in as you were trying hard to sleep?


Terri Hase, MMC, PCC

Terri Hase is a quick-witted, realistic individual, with a talent for making the seemingly impossible possible. She has been called an ‘iron first in a velvet glove’, as her no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase style makes short work of what stands between her clients and the success they desire. She brings this valuable skill to every client, presentation, training and class. She  LOVES helping people find their true path, and walk it with style! Terri has been coaching since 2002, and emerged as a top rated Coach Educator in 2005.  She now works as a Mentor Coach, and continues teaching coaching skills and business building for coaches. Learn more at: Http://www.TerriHase.net

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