Words of Wisdom for Easy Web Presence

Sandra De Freitas

Dear Tech Coach:

I know I need a website so people can find
out about my philosophy of coaching and
get an idea of whether we might be able
to work together. But my last web person
was so (grumble, grumble, grumble). I don't
know who to call next. I'm tired of hunting
out an über Geek to do the work. Isn't there
a way I can do all this myself? Why does
it have to be so complicated?

Dear Frustrated:
You are definitely in luck. The times are
changing and now you can easily manage your
web presence on your own schedule AND with
just about no new skills. (Maybe an hour's
help from a low level geek, and then you're
on your own.)

How, you ask? Get a Blogsite!
Here's just part of the reason:

A traditional website is created with html
and contains a number of static pages that
rarely change. When you want to modify or
add a page you either need to know html,
have expensive software to update it or
have a web person who will update it when
they have time. It soon becomes a painful
and time consuming process, so much so that
you may not update your website for months
or even years.

A blogsite combines the features of a website
(static pages) and the features of a blog
(the ability to add articles, tips and promotions
through blog posts) into one easy to maintain
site. A blogsite can be updated from any
computer in the world with internet access.
Yes, even MACs.

good news:

Google and other search engines are giving
priorities to blogs over traditional websites
for many reasons. Blogs are updated with
fresh content more frequently than traditional
sites and they are structured to make it
easier for Google to find, index and add
them to their list of results.

Make it easy for Google and you reap the
vast rewards.

like with a regular site, with blogsites
you can:

  • Create static pages such as "our
    services," "contact us" etc.
  • Add to your site by posting articles, tips,
    promotions, etc.
  • Interact with web visitors and start building
    a relationship with them.
  • Promote your newsletter, services, affiliate
    programs and products.

with a blogsite you can also:

  1. Maintain
    your own website without a computer science

  2. Take advantage of Web 2.0 functionality.

  3. Add media to your site easily.

  4. Get Google to fall in love with you and
    your site because it's built with search
    engine optimization in mind.

If you like to know more visit www.Wordpress.org
or our blogsite

The Tech Coach

About the Author: 
Sandra De Freitas is a top tech coach, speaker, trainer and expert in internet
technology. Find her on the web at


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