Your Scalability Sucks, Too

by Marc Manieri

Sound harsh? Maybe. Or maybe you know that I’m right. But I’m not gloating, because up until recently, my scalability (and marketing) sucked too.

First of all, what is scalability? It’s your ability to generate revenue or income without having to trade your time to do it; it’s duplicating yourself and your ideas with leverage—getting paid for your intellectual property and service without having to create a 25-hour day. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Why is scalability important? The obvious reason is because without it, your income is capped. As coaches, traditionally we only get paid when we invest our time with individuals. And if you’re lucky enough to have read Mark Stevens’ book, Your Marketing Sucks, and have figured out how to keep a full coaching schedule, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The other reason, and perhaps the more important one, is that without scalability you can only touch—and therefore impact—a very small number of people.

So what’s the answer? Ideas, partnerships and technology.

The ideas come from you. You’re special—you have ideas that translate into processes and systems that, when implemented, help people achieve goals. Partnerships help you reach the masses. And finally, technology is the fuel that makes scalability really fly.

As coaches, it is the development of human potential that is the core of our offering. When seeking technology platforms, be sure your technology partner understands that and can speak that same language. Next you can evaluate how well they will be able to help you deliver that offering to the world.

When you harness the power of scalability, you’ll finally satisfy the reason why you got into coaching in the first place—to help people. A lot of people.

Marc Manieri runs JournalEngine™ Software, a remarkable platform that helps coaches make a more meaningful connection with clients and enables the productization and mass distribution of ideas, courses and coaching. Contact Marc to learn how to partner with JournalEngine™ to bring their innovative Scalable Coaching product to corporate clients.



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